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“If a man loses reverence for any part of life, he will lose reverence for all life.”
Albert Schweitzer

1. It Surely Goes Without Saying, That...

We can hardly speak of...

Peace, and then go warring;
Harmony, and then behave selfishly;
Unity, and then behave divisibly;
Inclusiveness, and then turn our back on others;
Open-mindedness, and then indulge in bigotry;
Fairness, and then act partially;
Tolerance, and then demand conformity.
Better ways, and then continue in the same old ways;
Truth, and then lie and mislead, or propagate falsehood;
Love, and then indulge in hatred;
Kindness, and then indulge in cruelty;
Compassion, and then display indifference;
Mercy, and then act selectively;
Forgiveness, and then hold a grudge;
Justice, and then hurt and punish the innocent;
Integrity, and then indulge in compromise;
Principles, and then embrace the “end justifies the means.”
Standards, and then laugh at morality;
Transparency, and then act behind the scene.
Rights, and then walk over any;
Lawfulness, and then try to get away with things;
Respect, and then sneer at authority;
Responsibility, and then act recklessly;
Privacy, and then interfere with such;
Freedom of expression, and then restrict it;
Freedom and liberty, and then impinge on them;
A clean, green planet, and then indulge in fouling it;
Enlightenment, and then engage in darkness;
The moral high-ground, and then operate from the immoral low-ground;
Christianity, and then act un-Christ-like — otherwise, we’re simply hypocrites who twist and bend things to suit, and will never rise any higher than the level we choose.

2. Think About It

If we don’t want a CALLOUS, INSENSITIVE society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of VIOLENCE, CRUELTY, ROUGHNESS, GORE, HARSHNESS, COLDNESS, PUT DOWNS.
If we don’t want a SEX-CRAZED society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of PORN, PROMISCUITY, LUST, SEXINESS, SEDUCTION, ADULTERY.
If we don’t want a PHYCOTIC society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of DOPE, PARTY PILLS.
If we don’t want a DISTURBED society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of HORROR, the GOULISH or MACABRE.
If we don’t want a NARCISSISTIC society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of VAIN IMAGES, EGOTISM.
If we don’t want a LAWLESS society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of REBELLIOUSNESS, DESTRUCTIVENESS.
If we don’t want an UNHEALTHY society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of JUNK FOOD, ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES.
If we don’t want a FOOLISH society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of RECKLESSNESS.
If we don’t want an UNINTELLIGENT society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of TRASH.
If we don’t want a SELFISH society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of MUST HAVES, ME things, THOUGHTLESSNESS.
If we don’t want a PARANOID society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of THRILLERS, CRIMES.
If we don’t want a FEARFUL society, we should feed folk a diet of WARS, MAYHEM, ANACHY, CALAMITIES, HATE.
If we don’t want a CARELESS society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of THROWAWAYS, POLLUTANTS.
If we don’t want a DEBASED society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of DEBAUCHERY, CRUDITY, FOUL LANGUAGE.
If we don’t want a DEVILISH society, we shouldn’t feed folk a diet of OCCULT practices.
If we don’t want a HOPE-LESS, society, we shouldn’t feed folk the theory of EVOLUTION.

Ops! There goes the TV again.

3. Now

Now that the world is appearing to fall apart,
That we’re finding that certain men weren’t good from the start,
That the world’s being run by those behind the scene,
That whistleblowers are often turning up another revealing bean,
That violators are found in every profession,
That sex has become an all-time obsession,
That martial relationships are no longer forever,
That silly and reckless acts are now seen as clever,
That lawlessness, crime and violence are continually rising,
That the obscene, foul, disgusting and offensive are no longer surprising,
That living together has become akin to, and as common as, trying on shoes,
That there’s a scarcity of rightful don’ts and a proliferation of wrongful dos,
That pornography and drugs are both billion dollar industries,
That television has become a visual sewer that the masses seems to please,
That much is in the hands of a few and little in the hands of the rest,
That things that suit are being put above what’s right and best,
That hope is giving way to anxiety and doubt,
That suicide has become popular as a way out,
That freedom of expression and liberty are under attack,
That customer service has become more sullen and slack,
That women are becoming more objectified,
That immorality has become a badge that’s worn with pride,
That sexual diseases have grown at an alarming rate,
That paedophilia and incest aren’t concerned about any gate,
That men marrying men and women marrying women is looked upon as progression,
That disfiguring ones body is simply seen as personal expression,
That principles and standards are no longer in vogue,
That moviegoers seem more in love with the rogue,
That pollution is at an all-time high,
That wars are common and those starving children that die,
That appetites have lost sight of discipline,
That it’s harder to spot the difference between the feminine and masculine,
That cruelty to others gives many a buzz,
That anything goes and anything does,
Will we look beyond this Earth and trust in God rather than man,
And fall into line with His will and plan?

4. Unpleasant Truth

Before we pat ourselves on the back:

If we withhold from someone that which is rightfully theirs, or deprive them of something that they should get, then we're a THEIF.

If we don’t back someone up when we know that they're right but under siege, then we're a COWARD.

If we hate someone for some reason, and wish they were dead, then we're a closet MURDERER.

If we promise someone something and then don’t deliver when we were capable of doing so, then we're a LIAR.

If we treat someone badly, poorly or indifferently because of their beliefs, then we're a BIGOT.

If we're unfaithful to our spouse after the exchange of our wedding vows, then we're a TRAITOR.

If we listen in to someone's private conversations, then we're a SPY.

If we tell other people things about someone that aren’t very nice and that aren't necessary, then we're a malicious GOSSIPER.

If we only give others compliments and refrain from saying what might upset but what’s really best, then we're a PEOPLE PLEASER.

If we attempt to manipulate, dominate or control someone, then we're a TYRANT.

If we attempt to take from someone that which we've no right without their permission, then we're a PIRATE.

If we hurt someone by doing that which isn’t fair or kind, then we're a BULLY.

If we get delight from cruelly teasing someone, we're a SADIST.

If we tread on someone, or wrongly discredit them, in order to get ahead of them, then we're an ENEMY.

If we try to convince someone of something that we know isn’t true, then we're a DECEIVER.

If we try to convince someone that we’re a certain way when we’re not, we’re a CON-MAN

If we seek some of the glory that belongs to someone else, we’re a POACHER.

If we tell others intimate details about our past relationship with someone, we’re a CAD.

If we make someone's life miserable via our selfish behaviour, we're a TORTURER.

If we recklessly or negligently bring troubles into someone's life, then we're a SABOTEUR.

If we gain what someone else would've got if we hadn’t acted underhandedly, then we're a CHEAT.

Well, effectively, that is.

What might you add to this list? Let me know.

5. What Have You Chosen To Be?

The prisoner of your background?

The hostage of your thoughts?

The slave of your passions?

The instrument of your folly?

The chaser of your troubles?

The dresser of your problems?

The minder of your grievances?

The nurser of your wounds?

The victim of your past mistakes?

The casualty of your ignorance?

The stooge of your mirror?

The depository of someone’s trash?

The owner of someone’s lies?

The wearer of someone’s propaganda?

The puppet of other hands?

The servant of abusers?

The plaything of users?

The soft-touch of takers?

The pawn of manipulators?

The follower of pied pipers?

The captive of the majority?

Or none of these?

What might you add to this list? Let me know.

6. Some Things Life Has Shown Me

That it’s better to expect little than much.
That it’s not about the length of one’s life but the breadth and depth of it.
That little things can bother folk more than big things.
That those with more money are less generous than those with less money.
That promises often metamorphose into lies.
That the theory of evolution has given man all the reasons he needs for his evil.
That those who think they know what’s best often don’t.
That there’s enough food for all but that much of it is wasted, misused or over indulged in.
That this world is not overpopulated but just areas of crowded land.
That hypocrites aren’t only in the Church.
That those who call a spade a spade are more honest than those who bow to being politically correct.
That those with agendas are often found sporting sheep’s clothing.
That life has a habit of returning what folk dish out.
That the differences between the sexes are what makes the difference.
That children always know better than their parents until they’re parents themselves.
That adrenaline junkies have a shorter lifespan.
That not all food is worthy of being called such.
That the majority are more often wrong than right.
That what many find impossible to believe is actually the case.
That much carried out in God’s name has nothing to do with God but man.
That people seldom want to hear what they need to know.
That it’s usually better to wait than rush.
That not all that we’re told is good for us actually is.
That a preoccupation with sex is less a preoccupation and more an obsession.
That creatures have as much right to life as we.
That practical jokes have a tendency to backfire.
That it’s not marriage that’s the problem but either partner.
That what’s done to children they inevitably inflict on society.
That every government’s power should be lessened rather than strengthened.
That quality is more important than quantity.
That television is a threat to every family and a hole in the dyke of many.
That some things don’t improve with each generation.
That it’s better to make the best of the worst.
That it’s better to live as though there is a day of reckoning than to not do so and discover that there actually is.
That it’s wiser not to pursue what simply wastes time.
That more joy is found in living for others than for one’s self.
That another’s love isn’t gained by force nor retained by restriction.
That it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with what you’ve got.
That acceptance and contentment are one’s best friends.
That it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others than our own.
That it’s best to let all say whatever they want to lest we be prevented from saying whatever we want to.
That mothers and fathers are just as much a product of their background, and why children should display as much toleration as they desire for themselves.
That violence is the behaviour of fools, bullies and cowards.
That pride gets in the way of too many relationships.
That suicide is terribly cruel to those who’re left behind.
That religion and politics are the worst of bedfellows.
That too many confuse Christendom with Christianity.
That freedom and liberty are the lifeblood of humanity.
That morality is designed to protect rather than restrict.
That forgiveness enriches those who forgive.
That there’s more to history than meets the eye.
That it’s purpose that gives life meaning.
That one only gets as good as the amount one pays.
That those who have the confidence don’t always have the ability.
That the cost of a funeral adds insult to injury.
That the money many spend on weddings would be better spent on marriage guidance seminars.
That many who think they’re good at something, aren’t, and that many who think they aren’t, are.
That retaliation is an infantile act that just feeds the proverbial merry-go-round.
That the signs-of-the-times are getting more urgent.

7. Why Indeed, Dad

Is marriage a bad thing, Dad, and a life-long commitment to such?
No, son, but now we’ve decided to just live together, and when we tire of someone we’re living with, or don’t want to put further effort into resolving any disagreements we have with them, we up and leave.

Is romance a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, it’s just that we now prefer to cut to the chase, sort of thing — in other words, indulge in sexual intimacy straight up.

Is modesty a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into the sexy, thus flaunting has become common fare and the sexual a favourite pastime.

Is morality a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into promiscuity, one night stands, porn, baring it all, hard out swearing and crudity.

Is selflessness a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’ve become more focussed on “me,” “mine” and self preservation.

Is generosity a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we prefer to accumulate as much as possible for ourselves, are more sceptical of cries for help, and have many reasons for why we can’t.

Is responsibility a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into reckless pursuits, extreme sports, and have really taken to sowing wild oats.

Is thoughtfulness a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we haven’t got much time for such.

Is mercy a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we prefer to strike back, forgo second chances, not forgive, and want prisons tougher and sentences longer.

Is integrity a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’ve learnt to compromise and thus bend to suit the situation or whatever suits in general.

Is going to church a bad thing, Dad, and reading the Bible?
No, son, but now we’ve turned churches into entertainment centres, are into anything that makes us “feel” spiritual, and read whatever we prefer instead.

Is Christianity a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we don’t feel the same need of such, and prefer the idea of having evolved out of nothing rather than having been created.

Is there anything wrong with beautiful melodies and songs, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into heavy and constant beat, wild guitars, rap, metal this and acid that, love to belt out songs rather than croon, and prefer to use music as an outlet for our anger, complaints, grievances, etc.

Is healthy living a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’ve taken eating, drinking and being merry to a whole new level, have a ferocious appetite for drugs, and also stimulants that allow us to push our bodies.

Are we better off, Dad?
I don’t think so, son.
Then why the change, Dad?
Why indeed, son.

8. More To Think About

We kill the inconvenient unborn;
We go for the death penalty because it suits our desire for the ultimate revenge;
We kill in anger or as plotted;
We kill creatures to satisfy our lust for flesh food;
We kill creatures simply for sport;
We do atrocious experiments on animals, and until they die;
We torture our enemies as we would not have them do unto us;
We kill via mindless intoxication;
We deludedly or cunningly kill in the supposed name of God;
We kill whoever we consider the enemy;
We effectively kill in our mind;
We bully someone until they take their life;
We view Euthanasia as a blessing;
and we call this progress?

We’ve dumped marriage until death do us part in favour of living together until boredom or problems arise;
We’ve given prostitution the green light;
We’ve given going to church the flick;
We’ve become obsessed with money and lost in pleasure seeking;
We’ve chosen a nightly diet of violence, sexual debauchery, foul language and stupidity;
We’ve built monuments for the dead while neglecting the living;
We’re searching the heavens for life while taking lives on Earth;
We’ve exchanged freedom for so-called security,
science and medicine for New Age mumbo-jumbo,
wives for mistresses,
love for lust,
truth for lies,
wisdom for folly,
children for lifestyles,
Nature’s healthy supplies for man’s injurious concoctions,
educational books for novels,
modesty for shame,
peace for warring,
restraint for overindulgence,
humbleness for vanity;
kindness for cruelty;
quality for quantity;
charity for greed,
and we call this progress?

9. It's Not Us

It’s not us who revel in weapons and war.
It’s not us who take innocent lives.
It’s not us who rapes, maims and kills.
It’s not us who cruelly experiments and tortures.
It’s not us who deals in deception and propaganda.
It’s not us who seeks to force and silence.
It’s not us who removes liberty and freedom.
It’s not us who seeks to control humanity.
No. It’s always THEM!

10. Have You Seen This?

From the pen of a Columbine High School student.

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers;
Wider freeway’s, but narrower viewpoints;
We spend more, but have less;
We buy more, but enjoy less.

We have bigger houses and smaller families;
More conveniences, but less time;
More knowledge, but less judgement;
More experts, but more problems;
More medicine but less wellness.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life;
We’ve added years to life, not life to years.
We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour.
We’ve conquered outer space, but not inner space;
We’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul;
We’ve split the atom, but not our prejudice.
We have higher incomes but lower morals;
We’ve become long on quantity, but short on quality.
These are the times of tall men, and short character;
Steep profits, and shallow relationships.

These are times of world peace, but domestic warfare;
More leisure, but less fun;
More kinds of food, but less nutrition.
These are days of two incomes, but more divorce;
Of fancier houses, but broken homes.

It is a time when there is much in the show window and nothing in the stockroom;
A time when technology can bring this letter to you,
And a time when you can choose either to make a difference
. . . . .or just hit DELETE.

11. Muses

“Hi there, how are you today?”, you will often hear folk say,
Yet, when one says, “Not good,” some folk are quick to turn away.
It’s funny how they ask you, yet, don’t seem to want to hear
When problems you share with them in the hope they’ll show some care.

You’re born into this world and want to have your say, because nobody owns you,
But when you go to speak, it’s mind that you don’t say this or that, or, how dear you!
But you say it anyway knowing that you’ve a right, and no one else being you,
And this being why the only one who can say what you think and believe is you!

It’s very clear that in order to throw mud, one has to stoop,
As it’s only from the ground that such mucky mire one can scoop.
Yes, such is beneath one’s feet, where it should stay, like it’s meant to,
And not be flying through the air to land where it shouldn't do.

Your response might be, “I don’t care what folk may think, I know I’m innocent,” and
You may well be, but why go ahead with something that will play into their hand.
It’s better to refrain from what will have folk guessing or evil surmising,
For when we don’t, other people’s judgments and wrong perceptions aren’t surprising.

Yes, think of all the billions that many nations spend on war,
That could soon ease the poverty and misery of the poor.
It's time we dismantled weapons, spent more time pursuing peace,
Finding new alternatives so that earth's problems might decrease.

Life is a lesson book, hence we’re always learning, and we will continue to,
For we’re so prone to straying, getting things wrong, and foolishness often pursue.
Even after we learn that something doesn’t pay, seems we have to learn again,
For often we repeat such, and the lesson of the first time is lost by then.

Some people seem quite happy to sell their soul to the devil, and others their freedom and liberty,
The latter effectively being their soul, and simply in order to gain some sort of security.
Seems that they don’t realise that there’s no security in relinquishing ones freedom and liberty,
And that its only when one has their freedom and liberty that they actually have security.

If the dead could contact the living — that is, human beings — they’d hardly need mediums, alias con-men,
Who heartlessly and deludedly empty the pockets of vulnerable people, time and time again.
So much for consumer rights, given such is just a mind game, a huge deception, and on the rise today,
For if one is clever enough, it’s easy pickings, for it’s simply all in those deceitful things they say.

Doctor Sunshine clearly knows that depression is not the blues,
Therefore — hellish darkness — and just being down — he doesn’t confuse.
Yes, depression’s a world of its own, a galaxy apart,
So, for those who suffer from such, please have a sensitive heart.

People say that it’s a different world now, and if such is so, then we only have ourselves to blame,
For this earth doesn’t change on its own, but rather, via us — hence that question, why is our world not the same?
Well, lets take a look at ourselves and what we’ve been doing, for it’s clear that some changes need to be made,
That is, in order to get things back to where they were, (if possible), for foolishness has never paid.

The way we treat another human is very telling — a dead giveaway —
For it shouts how much we care about others and reveals our heart, mind and way.
Yes, whether we’re racial, bigoted, indifferent, selfish, vain, cruel, crude, hard,
Or quite the opposite of such things, and thereby, that we’ve a cleaner backyard.

He or she's very opinionated, folk say, viewing such negatively rather than positively,
For there’s nothing wrong with holding certain opinions — or indeed many — so let’s not act so hastily.
So long as folk have an open mind they can hold all the opinions they like, and thinking people tend to,
Unlike those who give little thought to things, and who tend to fall in with the flow — a path they’ve oft cause to rue.

Have you ever seen that hurt in someone else's eyes? — thanks to lies, alias betrayal come final nail, and hence no surprise,
Yes, that pained and injured look, for someone cruelly took, alias stole, self being their goal, hence how love often dies.
Hurt that travelled very deep, robbing them of joy, security and sleep, and now conveyed via innocent eyes,
Eyes that reflect a broken heart, a toppled applecart, upset by callous hands that sank plans, and ignored cries.

Yes, I find it funny how you judge me, and yet, know so little about me,
Which is one good reason why I wouldn’t want you knowing more, quite honestly.
For after all, if you’re that sort of person, how often might you misjudge me,
Given that you’re clearly prone to such, and that we can’t know someone totally?

If you have done your time (having been most unwise), don’t look back, but seize that day that freedom gives,
For should you not, there’s every chance you’ll end up back inside where opportunity hardly lives.
Yes, the more distance between you and those iron gates the better, good never found behind such walls,
For there one’s soul is trampled upon, liberty just a nice sounding word, and oh, how time crawls.

I have a garden full of veggies, and a sign saying, “Take any,”
But some veggies I have don’t seem to appeal, despite there being many.
So what do some people do? They ignore my lush garden completely,
Which despite being a sad mentality, reminds me of bigotry.

Though fitting words have their place, and therefore, clearly should be said,
It’s always best that they come from the heart, and not from the head.
Though the head may be wise, it errs when it’s detached from the heart,
For it’s the heart that steers the soul, and convincing’s but an art.

It’s hardly racial when we don’t care for some culture’s thinking or ways, (their colour no issue),
But simply certain differences that rub, like those curtains tied in a knot and yanked askew.
Now, perhaps that’s not a cultural thing, but if it were, it’s not prejudice if it annoys,
But simply something that some folk like and others don’t, just like children prefer different toys.

Seems the world is out to knock the happy-to-be-at-home housewife and mother, who,
As well as being there when her children come home from school, dotes on her husband too.
No, such hardly old fashioned but a choice that a woman's entitled to make,
Just like that career minded woman who a different path chooses to take.

When a man’s worshipped-cum-revered, we not only have the makings of a cult,
But ISIS type possibilities and serious issues as a result.
For all he has to do is say God says do this or that and off go his pawns,
They not realising that they’re expendable until finally the truth dawns,
If it does, that is, and usually too late.

In all the years I’ve spent on Earth, there’s one thing that's spoken the loudest to me,
Loving sensitivity, thought it's something that I’ve found rather rare, sadly,
'Cause so often there’s been a need of it, and it not there — yes, that tender care —
When loving sensitivity means everything, and more so where there’s fear.

Oh, how I love to read about those truly good people who stand up to ill,
And no matter what the cost, for such sets then apart, they no run of the mill.
Some spotting wrong instantly, some awakening with time, but both saying, “No!”
Despite the braying mob, the mindless crowd, or threats from those who better should know.