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Hi music lover,
I hope you're into easy listening music, (that which is sometimes called Lounge), because this is what this page is all about.
This page is one that's been placed here in order for me to share my love of easy listening music, MUSIC THAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A RETURN TO.
I hope you enjoy the sampling that I have placed here, and some of it going well back in time.
It gets even better as it goes down.
If you do find the sampling enjoyable, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, and even more so if you're a lover of the very same music too. If you find a link down, please let me know that as well, because sometimes things are removed from YouTube given that they're in violation of copyright (not that I would know that), and I can hardly keep checking my links every day of the week.
I hope your computer is connected to some great speakers! If not, I fear that you may well be wasting your time. Depth and bass make all the difference. There's nothing that kills music more than those dreadful little high pitched inbuilt speakers.
However, good speakers or not, (and as you probably already know), the sound quality of things on YouTube is only as good as that which has been loaded onto YouTube, and older recordings are obviously not going to sound as good as modern recordings due to certain limitations. If only these orchestras and musicians were around today, using a modern studio and playing the same pieces in exactly the same way. So, unfortunately, you'll have to accept what's available on YouTube and some pretty dusty recordings, some better than others, but all sounding all the worse if played through those dreadful little high pitched speakers I mentioned.
Not all the video clips that one comes across are appropriate, so I hope I haven't overlooked anything in my attempt to avoid such video clips. 
I have to say though, that some video clips are really beautiful, they sometimes beckoning as must as the music, and thus a few music clips probably being included because of their intriguing factor.
Okay, here we go...

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow