Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


A Father's Loving Plea

My precious darling daughter, there is much that I need to say
Regarding many dangers that could soon see you led astray.
But there is one important thing, that now, I wish to mention,
And if happiness you want, please give this your full attention.

This world is not the way it was, not that it has been fault-free,
But now, because it has worsened, much more wrong about you’ll see.
Some things can look attractive that in actual fact just hide
That which given half a chance could soon see you taken for a ride.

And such it is with certain men, who’ll try to ply one’s daughter
With some nice gift and hollow words, as they pretend to court her.
Yes, it takes a man to know one, thus the need to say to you,
That many a man’s intentions aren’t honourable or true.

Yes, so many steps are taken by some men who prise consent,
That in time will soon prove to you that they were not Heaven-sent.
And though they will try and fool you that you don’t have need for fear,
An error here could soon see these wise words ringing in your ear.

Any man who’ll truly love you, will never want to hurt you,
Thus, there’ll be no selfish focus in the things he’ll say and do.
However, it can happen, that like this a suitor will seem,
When in fact he’s just fooling you, as that is how some men scheme.

If a man isn't genuine, caution here should find that out,
For in such matters of the heart, you cannot afford a doubt.
So many inexperienced and caught up in emotions
Have suffered miserably due to unsound young devotions.

Thus, men who focus on the body will not be right for you,
So watch your presentation lest you get a man that you’ll rue.
They’ll treat you like an object, though could you wonder that they do
Should sexual titillation be written all over you?

This world is so obsessed with sex, and we shouldn't be surprised,
Given that self-gratification appears to be more prized.
And no wonder many men today with what they're being fed,
When it comes down to women, now think more just in terms of bed.

A man should love you for yourself, and should seek just you to please,
But this, of course, is something that only the right man sees.
A permanent relationship should be built on solid ground,
And as this is so pivotal, don’t marry one who plays around.

For many it’s just like shopping — they will try and then discard,
Unconcerned their philandering can hit some (rejected) hard.
And sadly, many women too, also play this foolish game,
Compounding such behaviour, and thus sharing the shame and blame.

Some men may be good at heart, but sexually addicted;
Though not meaning harm to you, it can surely be predicted.
And bear in mind that any child that might grow up like that dad,
Could also bring you much sadness, and just to your problems add.

All these things here, are said in love, and are a father’s duty,
So that you might avoid a man who’ll rob your life of beauty.
Thus, save yourself for just one man, whose love you’ll always treasure
Because of its unselfishness that does not weigh or measure.

By Lance Landall

Note Robbie Williams "Go Gentle" lyrics

You're gonna meet some strangers   
Welcome to the zoo
Bitter disappointments
Except for one or two
Some of them are angry
Some of them are mean
Most of them are twisted
Few of them are clean

 Now when you go dancing with young men down at the disco
Just keep it simple
You don't have to kiss though
Don't waste time with the idiots that think that they're heroes
They will betray you
Stick with us weirdos

For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I'll be there
When you need me
I'll be there for you

Don't try to make them love you
Don't answer every call
Baby be a giant
Let the world be small
Some of them are deadly
Some don't let it show
If they try and hurt you
Just let your daddy know

Now when you go giving your heart make sure they deserve it
If they haven't earned it
Keep searching it's worth it

For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I'll be there
When you need me I'll be there for you

Go gentle to the light
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
If all your days are nights
When you want me I'll be there
Say my name and I'll be there for you