Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


A New World

Yes, I’m longing for a new world, as this old one has lost its glow,
For there's too much pain and heartache, and winds of evil always blow.
The seasons are out of kilter, and the weather’s out of control,
As nature is running amuck — yes, there’s chaos from pole to pole.

Seems that everything’s going wrong, and we, repeating history,
Thus, all the sins of the fathers have increased dramatically.
Most children aren’t showing respect, good role models are far and few,
Most marriages are folding now, and crime is on the increase too.

Seems governments are failing — thus legislation is often flawed,
And there’re bullies and slave-drivers, dictators who live by the sword.
Plus, voices are being stifled that are calling for transparency,
Which means freedom is slipping away, and with it, democracy.

Poverty's also growing by the hour, whilst wealth is being misused,
And assistance is being withheld too, and most human rights abused.
Oppression is very common, and many folk merely exist,
As it’s every man for himself, and survival of the fittest.

Yes, it’s dog eat dog, do or die, hence children hurt and widows cry,
For there’s misery and suffering, and more keeps going awry.
Pollution has fouled our planet, there is pestilence and disease,
And morality is losing ground, surrounded by vice and sleaze.

There're skirmishes and wars, and a chronic disregard for most laws,
And there’s cruelty to creatures, and terrorists who more mayhem cause.
Seems this world has become a playground for fraudsters, con-men and mobs,
Thus, stress and anxiety, the health of so many people robs.

Oh yes, I’m longing for a new world, but one where love reigns supreme,
One where peace and harmony are no longer simply just a dream.
Yes, one that is free of evil, one that's free of suffering too,
One where only good and kind things, all its inhabitants pursue.

By Lance Landall