Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


An Anomaly

Someone said that I’m an anomaly — which sounds good to me,
As I do not like to be labelled, nor pigeonholed, you see.
You can’t put me in a box, and nor in this camp or that camp,
As I don’t belong in any — won’t accept a rubber stamp.

No, I never swing right or left, other than to stop and seize
Whatever is right and worthy, for why not grasp such as these?
I take what’s good from anywhere, but I leave behind what’s not,
As good or bad, right or wrong, one in every camp can spot.

I’m not this side of the fence, that side of the fence, nor on it,
But rather, simply who I am — a mixture, a composite.
I choose to think for myself, work things out, make up my own mind,
For I’m no puppet, no clone, nor one who just falls in behind.

Thus, I do what I think is right, not what others say is right,
Making my own decisions knowing that all’s not black and white.
Sure I’ll listen to folk thoughtfully, hear what they’ve got to say,
But my train runs on my own track, not on another’s railway.

Yes, I’ve my own bridges to cross, my own tunnels to go through,
My own stations to call at, and my very own schedule too.
Yes, I journey on my train, one that I do not want derailed,
And hence why I won’t be pressured, nor by others’ thinking jailed.

So, by all means state your case, say what you think, for that’s your right,
But after you have, leave it there, don’t badger, argue or fight.
Remember that my life’s my life, that we all chart our own course,
That when it comes to others, we shouldn’t use pressure or force,

Yes, I’m an anomaly, for that’s the way I wish to be,
For I believe that that way, one’s balanced more correctly.
Thus, I don’t believe in camps, nor in boxes, (some with a lock),
For I’ve found that camps and boxes, growth and insight badly block.

By Lance Landall

Let's Hoist Our Sails

We weren’t born into this creative world to be unnoticed, inactive or silent, but quite the reverse,
Nor were we earmarked for selfishness, recklessness, lawlessness, cruelty or bigotry, for such are a curse.
But rather, we were designed to advance, create, improve, mend, tend, contribute, support, share, enjoy and care,
Hence those traits that are the opposite to hate, malice, indifference, deceitfulness, cowardice-cum-fear.

And nor were we born to be slaves, puppets, yes men or women, for we’ve a mind, will and conscience of our own,
Which equates to individuality and personal mission, and scorns the idea of being a clone.
For we were born to be no one else but ourselves, and thus free and able to choose our own path and journey,
Yes, dreaming, planning and charting — and where desired or necessary, adjusting our sails accordingly.

So let’s hoist our sails, set our course, and leave behind a responsible, esteemed, thoughtful and valiant wake,
And on our deck, leave room for those who’re less able, those needing a helping hand, a sanctuary, a break.
Our flag flying high — principled, dependable, wise, humble and selfless — our goal clear and always in view,
And we fiercely committed to the rights of all, and all that is worthy, healthy, fair, loving and true.

And yes, bowing to no one, for all are equal and deserving of the same, whatever that same may be,
Our value beyond some price — and we, amazingly designed and engineered, a marvel structurally.
For we’re no accident, are far too cleverly made, and midst the billions on Earth, there’s no two who’re the same,
Which makes us all pretty special — and why our individuality we should loudly and proudly proclaim.

By Lance Landall