Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Appealing To Logic

If you have a knowledge of the human anatomy,
You’ll know that we’re not designed to eat meat — but why would we?
Aside from us being herbivores, why eat second-hand food?
And why indulge in a practice that’s cruel, bloody and crude?

Body parts on our plate? Just the thought’s repugnant, isn’t it?
And somehow — with refinement — such just doesn’t seem to fit.
And nor with the likes of compassion, tenderness and love,
But hey, fancy eating birds — then for peace — using a dove.

“Stop the violence!” folk shout, while on the other hand they kill,
And their tummies with those creatures ironically fill.
“Come on little Johnny, eat up now,” many parents say,
Pointing to rotting food, flesh that’s in a state of decay.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense, it’s acting illogically,
And it’s also an environmental absurdity.
We’re better off going green — vegetables, nuts, grains, fruit;
And given that where there’s illness, meat’s often at the root.

Don’t believe it? Well, I can assure you there’s proof out there,
And that the evidence is graphic, thundering and clear.
There is no mistaking that when meat is part of our diet
It harms us, hurries death, whether we roast, boil or fry it.

Contrary to what we’re told, we simply do not need it,
And in fact, the meat consumer is less healthy, less fit.
Nutrition wise, meats not required, nor those byproducts too,
That inside our arteries create sludge, and stick like glue.

Yes, it’s very clear that humans were never meant to eat
A creatures unhealthy by-products, and nor their flesh — meat.
But why go eating creatures when there isn’t a need to,
Taking life — a barbaric act — then hey, let’s go to the zoo.

By Lance Landall