Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


As Was Meant To Be

“You’re so much stronger than I, dear. Would you lift that for me?”
And I melt, as I’m a man, and such makes me feel manly.
Yes, such has me responding willingly, supportively,
For that’s the natural outcome of pure femininity.

When women press those buttons that activate a man’s heart,
They’re seldom unsuccessful, and a happier course chart.
Such a wife’s greatly desired, and much deeper love will sow
In the heart of her husband who gratitude will soon show.

Women shouldn’t nag their man -- in fact, such hardens men’s hearts,
And usually an argument or discontent soon starts.
Neither should wives belittle, as nothing destroys love more,
Other than adultery which strikes at one’s very core.

Assaulting men’s manliness provokes contempt, opposition,
And in many cases leads to marital demolition.
Likewise, “Wearing the pants,” as they say, for that too, destroys,
For at the end of the day, girls are girls, and boys are boys.

Believe me, it isn’t nurture but nature, the way we’re designed,
Hence why girls and boys — certain ways — are naturally inclined.
Masculinity and femininity are complimentary,
Except where a man and women act contrarily.

Hence why a man instinctively feels threatened actually,
When women exchange femininity for masculinity.
How so? Via acting like men, via throwing their weight around,
Which is something that often sees relationships run aground.

And why many men in marriages are looking around,
Realizing that the right kind of woman they haven’t found.
For what every husband needs, and what every wife needs too,
Is an unselfish spouse who their partner’s best will pursue.

A far better foundation in one’s marriage is soon laid
Via respecting each others differences — how we’re made.
When the right buttons are pushed, that nature designed should be,
There is a far greater chance of marital harmony.

Why? Well, they’re in tune with nature, they’re acting naturally,
The man protecting, the woman accepting, instinctively.
And of course, willingly, as force mustn’t play a part here,
Or else, rather than love operating, it’ll be pressure or fear.

Yes, unfortunately there are those who their spouse abuse,
Hence why we need to be very careful about who we choose.
But that aside, when we operate as nature intended,
Even a marriage in trouble can be improved — mended.

“Women can do anything,” you hear said, and perhaps they can,
But a prudent wife won’t go saying such around her man.
For she knows that saying such, weakens rather than strengthens,
And one’s marital lifeline shortens rather than lengthens.

Why women want to emulate men, truly baffles me,
For there’s nothing more attractive than pure femininity.
Such women gain more respect, for a man likes nothing more,
Than a woman who’s every inch so -- yes, to her very core.

By Lance Landall