Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Believe In Yourself

Yes, it’s a sad fact of life, that those with low self-esteem,
Often become the spouse of someone who’s far from their dream.
Why? Because they think they can’t do better, settle for less,
Hence why their marriage usually ends up in a mess.

They end up taking whoever they think is all they’ll get,
A choice that sometime in the future they’re bound to regret.
Hence why we see lovely girls with boys who will cause them pain,
Or those really nice boys with girls who won’t be to their gain.

Time and again, such mistakes are made, illogically,
Yes, all because of that view they have of themselves, sadly.
One that’s not based on reality, but negativity,
Not on fact, but fiction -- hence future troubles, others see.

Some think that they’re not good-looking, when they actually are,
Or that they aren’t, when they’re quite okay, which seems so bizarre.
Yes, gorgeous girls, handsome boys, but not in their mind, sadly,
Hence those unhappy mismatched couples that we often see.

Too many worry about their looks, the least of their concerns,
For it’s what’s inside that counts -- which sooner or later one learns.
Looks are merely fleeting, they’re just the cover on a book,
Thus, it’s behind the cover, where one should take a good look.

Those who’re desperate for a partner, tend to be possessive,
And about their partners whereabouts, even obsessive.
They’re frightened they will lose them, hence their attempts to control,
Thus, it’s like living with a policeman who’s on patrol.

And who wants that? It’s destructive, no way for couples to live,
Besides, it’s not about getting, but rather, learning to give.
Thus, the one who’s best for us, will be someone who can wait,
Not someone who’ll rush at the first one that’s passing their gate.

Nor someone at the gate, forcing the latch, because they can’t wait.

By Lance Landall

When Worlds Collide

My dear child, I’ve been pained by your choice of spouse — a choice that wasn’t wise,
But just like me, you’re rather headstrong — thus, such was hardly a surprise.
I tried to warn you, help you see, gave you the benefit of hindsight,
But just like me, when I was your age, you thought Dad hadn’t got things right.

I can see that your spouse has some issues, issues that will give you grief,
And I’d hate to see your relationship hit the proverbial reef.
One needs to choose a spouse carefully, taking on board worthy advice,
And because you haven’t, there is every chance that you’ll pay a high price.

And there’s that child you have, one you’ve hardly disciplined, or poorly so,
Another mistake, which shows already, one that’s bound to lead to woe.
And don’t be surprised when some dinner invitations don’t come your way,
For who likes spoilt and demanding grandchildren, at the end of the day?

Such a child will further strain an already flawed relationship, and,
Will spoil or destroy special moments, things your marriage mightn’t withstand.
And who’ll be the guilty one, when all’s said and done, for who is remiss
If the importance of sound discipline, standards and values, you dismiss?

Yes, I will always be there for you, but you haven’t made it easy,
For your partner’s issues, and your child’s behaviour, really bother me.
And to be honest, to love is one thing, to like, another — therefore,
One should mind what they expect from their father, or their father-in-law.

I’m not into pretending, dishonesty, incorrectly praising,
Besides, your spouse was your choice — and that child of yours, you two are raising.
Yes, I will play my part, meet you halfway, but you’ve your part to play too,
And indeed your spouse, who, if they really love you, such will seek to do.

It’s said, that when you marry, you marry your in-laws, and it’s quite true,
Thus, how big a part they play, and how well it goes, will depend on you.
Yes, like everything, such needs to be worked at, and especially so
Where your choice, and your parent’s advice have clashed, and widening cracks show.

By Lance Landall