Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Chewing Gum

I can't help feeling that this poem I’ve written is very needed,
Therefore, I’m sincerely hoping that its contents will be heeded.
You see, it’s all about that chewing gum that many are chewing,
A dreadful practice that I believe chewers should be reviewing.

Why? Our poor old jaws were never meant to be constantly chewing,
Hence why many later in life, such a habit might be ruing,
Because if any bodily part is needlessly overused,
There’s a very good chance that we will suffer from its being abused.

But one thing that doesn't impress me is, the way that this gum is chewed,
For many folk are chewing this gum in a way that’s very rude.
You see, they chew it as they’re talking, which means that it’s often seen,
Which can make many feel queasy, for such isn’t a pleasant scene.

Chewing with one’s mouth open, and toying with its horrid contents,
Is a very ill-mannered act, that is likely to cause offence.
But be it chewing gum or food, there is a right way and a wrong,
And there is also a time and place where neither of them belong.

Therefore, if you have food in your mouth, but suddenly need to talk,
Please put your hand over your mouth, lest that mulch seen, have some folk balk.
Or whenever you are chewing gum, for the same thing you should do,
Or somehow tuck it away somewhere, where it will be out of view.

And when you have finished chewing on that unpleasant looking gum,
Please, please, don’t ever emulate the unhealthy practice of some.
But rather, wrap it in a tissue, and in a rubbish bin place,
For leaving it on the ground, or anywhere, is just a disgrace.

And watch out for arguments that encourage the chewing of gum,
Lest you swallow such foolishness, wrongly propagated by some.
For we’re hardly chewers of the cud, and more harm than good is done
When we are always chewing on what one would be better to shun.

By Lance Landall