Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Come Dance?

I wouldn’t use Scripture to defend dancing, for such isn’t wise,
After all, the Chosen Nation often acted wrongly in God’s eyes.
And as for David’s dancing, he was no doublt skipping with delight,
A far cry from the dancing that we see today, that’s far from right.

Yes, the sexual gyrating, thrusting, and semi-nudity,
That has more in common with a strip joint, and hollers crudity.
And that’s accompanied by a beat that’s designed to stir physically,
Or, to be more precise, that’s designed to arouse sexually.

But even when the dancing’s more benign, there’s a certain contact,
At least, usually so, that unworthy desire can attract.
Desire that the Christian shouldn’t arouse, even indirectly,
Lest their spiritual walk suffer, and their happiness, eventually.

Ballroom dancing? Isn’t there body contact? An intimacy?
Her hand on his shoulder, his cradling her back, hands held tenderly?
Her hips pressed into his, his steering her — a pelvic strategy?
And at times, He drawing her against his private anatomy?

Yes, physical contact before marriage should be appropriate,
That is, in keeping with Scripture, not the world — quite the opposite.
And that is where dancing errs, generally, if not entirely,
Wherever males and females pair up; interact physically.

Appropriate dancing? Such there may be, but not generally,
Thus, regarding such territory, Christians should act prudently.
The dancing found in Scripture wasn’t like the dancing of today,
Except where heathens were concerned, and where Christians had gone astray.

Come dance? Well, that’s your call, friend, but I would think it through carefully,
Seeking your heavenly Father’s directing, very earnestly.
Not even a hint of sexual immorality, (Scripture states),
Should be seen coming from a Christian wanting to enter Heaven’s gates.

By Lance Landall