Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Our attempting to beat other folk in order to gain first place,
Is hardly to our credit, and not something that we should embrace.
There isn't a doubt in my mind — no, for it’s very clear to me
That a win via someone else's loss is a hollow victory.

You see, such flawed success is dependant on someone’s failure, friend,
And such I wouldn’t be proud of, and certainly wouldn’t defend.
For ensuring someone’s loss by doing everything that you can
To make sure that you win instead, isn’t the hallmark of a man.

No, the competitive spirit isn’t one that I’d foster, friend,
For it is such a selfish thing, and who knows where it may well end?
Such can bring out the worst in folk, both the competitor and fan,
And hence those sad things that we’ve seen since competitiveness began.

Many have become distraught, depressed, and even very angry
At their loss to someone else; thus upsetting friends and family.
Yes, such loss can lead to jealousy, or folk acting moodily,
And there have also been times when some folk have acted grievously.

In such territory, the terrible killer instinct is seen,
Which is a clear indication that it is not a healthy scene.
For anything that would fuel such, cannot be something that is sound,
And hence why greed and corruption with competitiveness is found.

Yes, wherever there's competitive sports, aggression will occur,
For by its very nature, competitiveness such will soon stir.
After all, its object isn’t friendship, but rather, rivalry,
And hence why the desire to win can injure friendships rapidly.

Such also creates stress, physically and emotionally,
Which can clearly take a heavy toll, and so very pointlessly.
Our body isn't meant for thrashing, nor our mind, I might add too,
Hence sooner than later, they may shout that such wasn’t wise to do.

Just like we see with gambling, so many folk get hooked on winning,
And naturally, their first flush of success, being the beginning.
The adrenalin that flows from such, gives them an addictive rush,
And euphoric at their win, words promoting such sports, quickly gush.

But just like coming off a drug, they soon find that there’s a downside,
For when others win instead of them, downward their emotions slide.
But so sure that they will win again, or at least have a good chance,
They’re back for another fix, another win — yes, the gambler’s dance.

Sadly, competitiveness is simply striving against others,
That is, it’s putting ourselves first, which simply selflessness smothers.
Therefore, competitiveness is not a path that I would follow,
For it’s enslaving, addictive and flawed — in other words, hollow.

By Lance Landall

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