Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Contemporary Eves

I can just imagine the following conversation
Between Satan and his mates over women’s ordination —
That is, making women pastors, ordaining them officially;
A role God only gave to men ecclesiastically.


“Alright, lads, now listen up, we’ll work from within the Church,
We’re going all-out, okay. I’ve done my homework, research.
It’ll be a piece of cake, as they don’t study like before,
In fact, would you believe it, they have a swinging back door.”

“You’re going to enjoy this -- yes, you’ll really have a ball,
As only a few watchmen are standing upon the wall.
The rest are clearly dozing, distracted, or plain misled,
The latter I’ll be using -- they think that they’re streets ahead.”

“Now, ’though women are equal in worth and being to men,
God gave men specific functions -- He set these apart for men.
I want these distinctions gone, I want Christians fed a lie,
So, tell them these roles are just cultural, no longer apply.”

“When do we start?”  “Well, to tell the truth, I started long ago,
Had Eve seeking greater heights, I’ve the gift of the gab, you know.
Yes, I completely duped her, had her feeling hard done by,
And the rest is history — you know how things went awry.”

“So, we’ll finish what you began?”  “That’s right, you’ve a head start,
I’ve set it all up for you -- I think ahead -- I’m very smart!
Just like I did with Eve, tell women that they’re missing out,
That way, you’re bound to succeed -- of that, I don’t have a doubt.”

“Women are getting restless, there’s many a modern Eve,
Most aren’t content with their role -- thus, flattery they’ll receive.
Convince some that they’ve been called, that they’ll make a good pastor;
’Though good pastors some may make, it’ll rile their Lord and Master.”

“You really hate God, don’t you?”  “Too right, look at what He did,
Threw me out of Heaven, even though I’m so talented.
He’s taken glory from me, I won’t have a bar of it,
So, I’ll marry my things with His -- then, I too will benefit.”

“Okay, let’s get cracking, lads, folk are ripe for leading astray,
They’re worldly, Laodicean -- thus, it’ll be like child’s play.
Head straight to the churches, muddy the waters, create doubt,
And get women in those roles God wants men to carry out.”

“We’re not going down without a fight, are we lads?”
“And don’t forget, good comrades, we’re all in this together.
I want things turned upside down, in falsehood I’ll see truth drown,
For I deserve the glory, only I deserve the crown.”

“Don’t forget our part.”  “Oh no, no, noooooo, comrades, of course not,
What I reap, you’ll be reaping, just don’t blow this one last shot.
Where Korah failed, you must succeed — tell folk they’re all pastors/priests,
’Though only true in context, women pastors you’ll see increased.”

“Have them upset their Master, mislead them with heresy,
Have them sincerely thinking they’re acting biblically.
Be subtle, be cunning, and where you can, be blatant too,
Convince them “The end justifies the means,” and Scripture skew.”

“Remember: As with Korah, God will let these things play out,
Thus, we will be successful, our wishes will come about.
Fetch these modern Eves support, the higher up the chain the better,
Then when women seek man’s role, clout will say, “Go on, let her.”

“Opposition will be scant, for who likes to rock the boat,
However, discredit opponents, malign and misquote;
Say they’re traditional, conservative, legalistic too.
Go on, lads, it’s easy, target the young, get at the new.”

“Empower the liberals, push their theology hard,
Yes, take down the old waymarks, silence trumpeters who guard.
Rubbish man’s headship role too, for how can men head their home
When their wife’s heading the flock ’neath the Church’s sacred dome.”

“Yes, I know Christ submits to His Father, and yet they’re one,
But submission thwarts my plans, when everything’s said and done.
It shows that there’s an order, and that functions have their place,
Which certainly doesn’t help me when I’m pushing my case.”

“Yes, there’s order in everything, there are things that shouldn’t change,
And more so, things God instructed, set in place, said don’t rearrange.
But I don’t want order, as order doesn’t suit my grand plan,
Hence why I’m fooling women, who want roles assigned to man.”

“So, while you’re at it, lads, just rubbish any gender role,
Foster unisex, and whenever you can, put women in control.
People are demanding change, they’re tired of the old ways,
So, capitalize, comrades, utilize this current phase.”

“Plunge them into darkness -- after all, they are spurning light,
And don’t go feeling guilty -- after all, it serves them right.
We’re giving them what they want. Is that a crime? It’s their choosing,
And to tell you the truth, lads, I find it quite amusing.”

“They know about Eve’s folly, how ancient Israel went astray,
And they know that they’ve been told: Do things God’s way, not man’s way.
They know they’ve also been warned that they’re not to veer off track,
Therefore, they can’t blame us, lads, as knowledge they hardly lack.”

“Yes, another apple, another tree, another Eve,
In fact, many Eves, repeating history and destined to grieve.
We’re clever aren’t we, lads?”
  “Yes! For we’re able to deceive,
But this time, Satan, they’ve less reason to claim they were naive.”

“Yes, lads, they’ve had time and chance, hindsight, warning, direction,
So, they can’t plead ignorance -- no, it’s plain insurrection.
Admittedly we’re playing a part, but they know the score,
It’s clearly rebellion — been there, done that, seen it all before.”

“So, go on, lads, we’re on the home straight, things are moving fast,
And primarily because Christians haven’t learnt from the past.
Yes, get women into men’s roles, there’ll be strife in Church and home,
And with men feeling threatened, some will give up, abuse or roam.”

“You’re a genius, Satan, they’re eating out of your hand,
You’re plundering and pillaging their Church, their home, their land.
Many do your bidding now -- yes, many now worship you,
Some willingly, some indirectly, and some — unwittingly do.”

By Lance Landall

“For where there is envy and selfish ambition, there will also be disorder and wickedness
of every kind” (James 3:16).

For a simplistic, yet deeper overview come summary of this issue,
see my page
The Two Dividers.

God's Will, Or Our Will?

Please allow me to remind what displeases God so much:
Error parading as truth, holding Christians in its clutch.
Yes, such evil down through time has plagued the Church from within,
And is still plaguing the Church, giving Satan cause to grin.

Heresy within the Church is something we can expect,
But unless we’re wide awake such we simply won’t detect.
Such might be introduced by a member or a leader,
Thus, each Christian should be a deep and committed reader.

As an example of something that must rile our Master,
Take ordaining women as an elder or a pastor.
Such is contrary to Scripture, contrary to God’s will,
For He never intended that a female such roles fill.

I can imagine that Satan’s doubled up with laughter,
Crowing over another thing he has got — been after.
Seems smack within the sanctuary he’s hit the floor running,
With a pagan female priesthood achieved via his cunning.

You see, making women elders puts his plan on castors,
Because an elder’s role is the same as that of a pastor’s.
Yes, once Satan gains some ground it’s not long before we see
His evil shadow hovering over more territory.

Not a shred of evidence can be biblically endorsed,
Supporting Satan’s plan here that he wants to see enforced.
Hence his mixing of God’s word with humanistic thinking,
Helped by worldly influence and agencies he’s linking.

And why we’re now seeing, (due to Satan’s clever old tricks),
Sound doctrine being exchanged for a truth and error mix.
You see, women can’t represent God the Father who’s a male,
Which is why God chose men, and why His wishes should prevail.

Scripture states explicitly: Only men must fill this role;
Clearly ruling out the evangelical feminists’ goal.
When we go contrary to God’s will, we simply invite ill,
And thereby, within the Church Satan’s heresy instill.

When folk begin to question certain things that they should not,
It’s not long before doubt sees some questioning the lot.
Tampering with this doctrine built on pre-Fall creation,
Just undermines those others that have this same relation.

The apostles upheld man’s role; and each denomination
Until humanistic thinking introduced it’s new creation.
Christians should make sure that it’s only truth that they uphold,
And should thoroughly examine everything that they’re told.

This issue isn’t a small one, so all should know it soundly,
As getting this one wrong dishonours our God profoundly.
So deeply theological is this role that God gave man,
That those trying to disprove it are just building on sand.

By the way:

Functional role distinctions exist within the Godhead,
For God’s the head of Christ, and, “I do His will,” Christ has said.
Yet, “the Father and I are one,” Christ has also stated,
Showing headship and submission clearly aren’t outdated.

By Lance Landall