Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Cover Up, Please

Why? There’s a subtle undercurrent of sexual frustration
Running through the lives of many men faced with daily stimulation.
For almost everywhere a male goes, the sexual is displayed,
And largely, via the cruel — look at my body, but don’t touch — brigade.

For some men it’s even intolerable — a burden, a weight,
As the male sex-drive is easily stirred — enter the limbo state,
For there’s no instant relief once their sex-drive is activated
Via the sight of rousing flesh publicly displayed, accentuated.

A man’s sexual radar is highly tuned, it quickly spots what stirs,
Hence why when repeatedly confronted with such, many a man errs.
And sadly, many are good men, who just find it all too much, and fall,
Which is very tragic when they’ve tried to do their best overall.

But why arrest the eyes of an ill or evil citizen Joe,
Thus encouraging what a woman would really not want to know.
And why lose men’s respect — for underneath — men simply can’t respect
The skimpily clad female who publicly makes her self an object.

Men can find things hard enough, without this added stimulation
That can play on their mind, and even lead to incarceration.
While men shouldn’t act wrongly, neither should a woman titillate,
For such drives some men crazy, and sexual problems will aggravate.

Women don’t appreciate the force they play with when they titillate;
They’re not playing with matches, but a bomb, and bombs can detonate.
Yes, a woman can be aroused too, but it’s certainly not the same
As those feelings aroused in men via this unfair sexual game.

When a man’s continually confronted with what tempts, excites,
It’s harder for him to be faithful — thus, infidelity bites.
Which in turn, an otherwise contented marriage destroys, or blights,
Hence those broken homes, the soaring divorce rate, and custody fights.

Yes, and all because many women want the dubious right to flaunt,
A right that many happy marriages will afflict, perhaps haunt.
Sometimes it’s better to forgo certain rights for the greater good,
Thus, giving up publicly teasing is something a female should.

“If men can walk around with bare chests, why can’t we?” some women cry;
The answer’s clear: A woman has breasts which can stir, hold a man’s eye.
Whether totally displayed, or partially concealed, they can excite,
Creating a desire that can’t be fulfilled, an internal fight.

It’s like waving meat in front of a lion, then pulling it away;
Such stirs, excites, and all for nothing — unless, “Help yourself,” they say.
But they don’t, and nor should they, and nor should women titillate too,
But rather, the wiser, safer, more thoughtful and virtuous thing do.

By Lance Landall

Talking Straight

Everywhere one looks today, one sees the sexually explicit,
Which isn't surprising, given that much is no longer termed illicit.
And hence why crime is skyrocketing, for such strong stimulation
Naturally arouses many men, triggers some violation.

Yes, what some women wear, suggests that the sexual’s on their mind,
Or it has men thinking so, and it certainly makes their mill grind.
These women who are dressing this way, are reaping far less respect,
And duly bringing on their own kind all the ill that such can inflict.

Tell me, why bring out the worst in men, instead of worthier things?
And why do many dress this way, given the harm that it often brings?
Yes, arousal outside marriage simply leads to consequences
That soon harm society — enter, those sexual offences.

Why should married men as well, be confronted with such temptation?
For such can seriously harm their marital situation.
And why should any wife (also) have her happiness affected,
By society sanctioning what wisdom would see rejected?

Plus, tied in with the sexual content seen on celluloid today,
Is a gratuitous violence that surely most know doesn't pay.
And hence why there’s greater callousness, more abuse, and sick thinking,
For such is the price we pay for sex and violence linking.

Not just adults, but children also, are constantly fed this diet,
And it seems that there're very few folk who're prepared to down-cry it.
Hence why the responsible parent won't allow their child to see
Such a lethal cocktail that injures -- disturbs emotionally.

Oh yes, if only women really knew what forces they’ve ignited,
If only they could see what such titillation has invited.
They would sorely rue the day that they bought into this foolish game,
And no longer would aid and abet, no matter what incentives came.

Yes, men as well as women, and more so, should hang their heads in shame,
For any part they’ve played here, and hence the troubles that became.
No man should treat a woman as if she's an object to be used,
Even if there're some women who are prepared to be so abused.

Therefore, to the women of this world, I would like to say to you:
Should you resist such pressures, there are good men who will stand by you.
Men who will love you for yourself, and who’ll respect and treat you well,
Not acting like those other men whose lustful desires lead to ill.

And to the men, a message too: Women are not for using,
So, please don't encourage any of those things that are abusing.
A woman was meant to be loved, not abused, nor raped with the eyes,
And nor is she for dressing up in clothes that virtue would despise.

To women again: Don’t let fashion houses or some image maker,
(Via their seductive wooing), have you becoming a virtue breaker.
And don’t get caught up with the crowd, for often where the crowd's going
Is completely the opposite to where a crowd should be flowing.

Yes, this fixation with the sexual is very infantile,
For such childish preoccupation is not maturity’s style.
Besides, those whose love is true and sound, aren’t sexually obsessed,
For such ones always seek for others what is truly for the best.

By Lance Landall

The Naked Truth

There are those who would like to go naked — many who shouldn’t, no doubt — but such I would hardly like to see,
For we don’t live in a jungle that engulfs the whole of Earth, where primitive people go about clothes free.
No, we have a background that’s so very different, and why we going naked just wouldn’t be wise at all,
And given the obsession many have with the likes of pornography, such would clearly be a bad call.

Within our sex-crazed society, there’s such a different thinking, and deeply engrained mentality,
Thus, imagine the beginnings of folk going naked-cum-that rise in sexual criminality —
Which would hardly end there — and then there’re those who'd turn it all into some favourite pastime, acting shamefully,
All of which would see the total disintegration of society, thanks to further depravity...

Let alone all the other reasons why our clothes should stay on — one being many getting laughed at mercilessly,
For who of us is fortunate enough to have a perfect body, the proof glaring embarrassingly.
But such aside, and returning to the former, imagine the distractions that going naked would pose,
And the greater likelihood of injury given our modern society, and why such I oppose.

Yes, and with very good reason, for thoughts and eyes would have less to constrain them come an office or elsewhere,
Such being bad enough now, given those revealing clothes that many women wear, and thus how much they bare.
And why baring the lot wouldn’t solve things — and even if things didn’t change for the worst, they’re bad enough now,
All of which is why, (and this subject hardly exhausted), going naked we shouldn’t condone or allow.

The truth is that we don’t live in a world where hearts and minds are pure, for if we did, nakedness might be fine,
But given the sad state of things these days, such wouldn’t be fine, it simply just leading to further decline.
For what is ogled and desired today, would still be ogled and desired then, and accessed more easily,
It being in one’s face, both unprotected and on display — yes, goodbye virtuousness and integrity.

By Lance Landall