Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Discretion Please

A woman's breasts don’t just feed a baby, for they turn men on as well,
As they’re also a sexual organ -- thus, two functions they fulfil.
And therefore, discretion should be used when baby's feed-time comes around,
For such discretion would be behaving more considerate and sound.

Yes, nobody can escape the fact, (no matter how hard they may try),
That a bare breast in public will very quickly attract a male’s eye,
For such is the way a man’s designed, and why it’s only natural
That when confronted with a bare breast, he will feel a sexual pull.

And it’s the same with low cut tops that so many women choose to wear,
Hence why it's hardly any wonder that at their breasts a man will stare.
And let's face it, women know very well that such tops will draw men’s eyes,
Which is why they’re so often worn to titillatingly advertise.

However, these low cut tops, (some very), that unfairly taunt and tease,
Can also draw the evil interest of some men who will not please.
And likewise a feeding breast that is exposed for everyone to see,
And hence why there's a need for care, lest it stir one who’s predatory.

But there are also many men out there who will openly attest
That they can feel extremely embarrassed by a publicly bared breast.
Yes, it can make them feel most uneasy when women publicly bare
What only their husband should see, delight in, and intimately share.

Admittedly, breastfeeding in public is sometimes necessary,
And also quite acceptable when it is done very tastefully.
After all, circumstances may require that a little one be fed
Where there's a male present, and where a child's far from their own home and bed.

Therefore, whenever a baby is fed, a woman should take great care,
Lest she embarrass and upset someone, or cause wrong desire to flare.
Yes, a little more thought and feeling this predicament could soon ease,
Thus, where there are men, (I say to mothers), a little discretion please.

By Lance Landall