Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Once feminism arose, widespread discontent began to stir,
And as it gained more momentum, even worse began to occur.
Hence why it’s speedy evolution has ravaged society,
And the lot of men and women thereby affected dreadfully.

Yes, a women’s lot such has worsened, and the same holds true for men,
As before feminism, relationships were far better then,
For feminism’s propaganda promises things that can't be,
As it is simply built on falsehood that misleads deceptively.

When wives show their husbands respect, and husbands truly love their wives,
A deep need inside is fulfilled, and both live far happier lives,
For these needs that dwell within them both, are inbuilt in humankind,
As that's the way that men and women are naturally designed.

Yes, they are different in function, but equal in worth and being,
Which is how it is meant to be, though many this fact aren’t seeing.
When wives show their husbands respect, and husbands truly love their wives,
His leadership, and her deference, bring true joy into their lives.

A wife’s loving submission, (that is chosen voluntarily),
Compliments her husband's leadership that acts sacrificially.
When husbands lovingly care and guide, and seek to protect their wives,
Their marital relationship soon bonds, and thus thrives and survives.

It’s like life in industry, where to ensure productivity
Folk hold various positions where each functions differently.
Yes, they are equal in worth and being, but their roles are not the same,
Thus, it's only when they dispute those roles, that trouble they inflame.

And so it is with marriage, that troubles and problems are oft seen,
When either of the partners dispute their roles, or such roles demean.
You see, for marriage to run smoothly, there has to be give and take,
And each must have their special function, or that union will soon break.

Feminism’s sad agenda wants to crush the marital roles,
Hence why a genderless society is one of its main goals.
Their androgynous society would produce a sexless wasteland,
Where the husband and father role was just ridiculed, even banned.

Hence why feminists knock males harshly, and paint them in a bad light,
And knock the wife and mother role too, with the same militant might.
They say that they’re there for women, yet, women too, they’ve badly hurt
With their destructive message that is cleverly pitched to convert.

Sadly so, renegade husbands and fathers have just fuelled their fire,
Which is why some women feminism and feminists admire.
But the truth is that most women are worse off than they were before,
Which is something that the feminists conveniently ignore.

And another thing that they ignore is, what women also do,
For there are many women who are sexual predators too.
And there are women who abuse, callously and grievously
Both their children and their spouse, physically and emotionally.

There are also woman murderers, women who’re unfaithful too,
And women who're insensitive, evil, and who shameful things do.
Many women put their husbands down, cause their loved one grief and pain,
Treat their partners as if they're door mats; deceive, conceal, lie and feign.

Yes, feminism is just a lie, one that neither sex should buy!

By Lance Landall

Recommended reading -- (Christian book): Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.
Theme: The love she most desires; The respect he desperately needs. Based on Ephesians 5:33.