Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Frequently I've Wished

Very frequently I’ve wished that I were someone wealthy,
Yes, a multi-millionaire whose income remained healthy.
However, not for my sake, for there’re many folk out there
Whose burdens could be lifted if I had such wealth to share.

Such wealth I wouldn’t parade like many well-off folk do,
For I think that’s rather cruel, given what some are going through.
’Though a home I do not have, just a humble one I’d buy,
Lest the mansion I purchased, someone’s prayer request deny.

I would buy my family needy things they’ve gone without,
And some pleasures they’ve not known, my family I’d shout.
But ’midst all I’d do for them, I certainly wouldn’t forget
Others far less fortunate, fighting hardship, ill health or debt.

I’d seek out those who’re burdened with hardship or failing health,
And dispense unanimously, and generously, my wealth.
I’d live a humble lifestyle to ensure more people got
Whatever solved their problem, or at least helped them a lot.

Each week I’d withdraw money for my family and I,
But just enough for our needs, or what we could truly justify.
By acting in this manner I’d have even more to give
Any who are needy, like the starving, who’ve a right to live.

Personally, I think it’s sad that money’s wrongly spent
On things that are not needed, while others their lot lament.
Many folk are suffering, and through no fault of their own,
While others live palatially like some king upon a throne.

Very frequently I’ve wished that I were someone wealthy,
Yes, a multi-millionaire whose income remained healthy.
For then I would have the chance to help thousands via my wealth,
Who each day throughout the year suffer hardship or ill health.

By Lance Landall

When Profit's Injurious To All

Wise employers know that happy staff lead to higher profits — in other words, more incoming money,
And that happy staff lead to a well regarded company, less accidents, sickness and jealousy,
And that along with this, happy staff lead to a more productive and far happier community,
Which, at the end of the day, is once again in the best interests of any local company.

Yes, a company where whines, groans, arguments and complaints are fewer, and where there is less wastage too,
For happy staff take more care, show more thought, and less grudgingly some menial or unpleasant task do.
All of which is why an employer should treat his staff well, thus putting humanity before money,
For we don’t live to work, but work to live, though for the lucky few, their work is looked forward to daily.

At the end of the day, life’s all about people — others — not about me, greed, or piling up money,
Which, too often is learnt too late by those who’re acting selfishly rather than self-sacrificially.
And many of them employers who’re already more than comfortable, and yet still raking it in,
That is, at the wrongful expense of their staff, who though good employees, unfairness have to bear and grin.

So many employers encroach on their employee’s family time — that is, via staff meetings and so on,
Which could be accommodated during work hours, and then there’re other demands, which soon see more time gone.
And hence those problems that occur outside of work hours too, courtesy of such employers' thoughtlessness,
That is, their quest for higher profits, (more filthy lucre), when the truth is, they’d still do well with far less.

By Lance Landall