Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Good And Evil

In this world in which we’re living, there is one thing that’s very clear:
There are two distinct forces at work, and both, are everywhere.
Yes, two supernatural powers locked in a great battle, and,
Both are wrestling for the hearts and minds of all throughout each land.

Thus, those things we choose to say and do — one of these two forces — will reveal,
That is, will show which one’s propelling us, hauling us in on its reel.
There is no in-between — it will be one force or the other — thus,
Either the good force, or the evil force, will triumph over us.

One’s a controller, the other a motivator, one’s wrong, one’s right,
One is weakness, error, darkness, and the other, strength, truth, and light.
Yes, one is evil, one is good, and both are seeking the victory,
Though only one force will win, be victorious, ultimately.

And, I might add, logic would suggest that at some point there will be
A day of reckoning, when the good force triumphs universally.
For the good force will , I firmly believe, despite how bad things get,
And should I be right, and cling to good, I’ll have no cause for regret.

And nor will you, should you cling to good too, living accordingly,
Rather than yielding to evil, and becoming so, invariably.
For as we think, so are we, and as we say and do, so are we too,
Yes, the product of our choice — that is, that right or wrong we pursue.

And what goes around, comes around, hence how people reap what they sow,
Although, not always immediately, but ultimately so.
Yes, one way or another, such comes back to us, invariably,
For we’re dealing with very real forces, not realms of fantasy.

Good and evil — yes, it’s as simple as that, there’s no in-between,
Two forces, both visible via our words and acts, and yet, unseen.
One or the other we unwittingly or consciously embrace,
Until finally one dominates, and in our heart, gains first place.

By Lance Landall