Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Hares And Hounds

Running with the hares, and hunting with the hounds, is very unwise,
For such is a practice that’s akin to pretence, deceit and lies.
It’s not something that one should do, for transparent we all should be,
Thus letting all know where we stand; living true and honourably. 

By all means, be friends with all, but do not play games or politics,
For the one who acts so foolishly, others’ trust in them soon wrecks.
Yes, such will simply cause big problems, and ourselves can badly burn,
And such unsound behaviour, many people out there can discern.

Running with the hares, and hunting with the hounds, a weakness displays,
And any confidence placed in us, such behaviour just betrays.
It’s never to anyone's credit when they play this foolish game,
For they soon lose their integrity, and upon themselves bring shame.

People who have integrity, and who have learnt to stand alone,
Any politicking and game-playing have no desire to hone.
For such folk call a spade a spade, they do things openly and right,
Face up to controversy, and use wisdom that's mixed with foresight.

Therefore, let’s not play these silly games that problems simply double,
Yes, games that sooner or later, only bring about more trouble.
Plus, nobody likes a person that they can’t trust behind their back,
So, let’s avoid such behaviour that good friendships splinter and crack.

Yes, relationships are precious, and should be treated with great care,
So always act impartially, always seek to do what is fair.
Let your every "Yes" be a "Yes", let your every "No" be a "No",
Let all clearly know your intentions, so seeds of distrust won’t grow.

Sadly so, many play with others just like children play with toys,
Which, confidence in other people, inevitably destroys.
Such is very thoughtless and selfish, and the ones who act this way,
One day may suffer also, should someone, somewhere, with them cruelly play.

By Lance Landall