Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Something's terribly askew — in fact, ironic, actually,
Regarding so many Christian folk and Holy matrimony.
It seems that they can’t live together — that is, as husband and wife,
And hence why they’re filing for divorce, no longer married for life.

Well, so much for “Love your enemies” — well, they do battle, you know,
And sometimes dreadfully so — yes, even stooping to what is low.
It seems as if Christ’s clear instructions are just falling on deaf ears,
And that midst their dreadful squabbling, neither partner the Spirit hears.

Tell me, didn’t Christ die for sinners, including the vilest kind,
And didn’t He say that we're to love all, and more than once remind?
And didn’t He to say bear long with one another’s failings too,
And to repay evil with kindness, just like He himself would do?

So, why should it be any different when it comes to our wife,
Or our husband, and not just others who are involved in our life?
After all, our Saviour makes no such distinction, so why should we,
And doesn’t divorce just make a mockery of matrimony?

Tell me, what must the world think whenever a Christian marriage fails,
When selfishness, rather than selflessness, so wrongfully prevails?
When Christian partners sulk, demand, withhold, act very angrily,
And even very treacherously via acting unfaithfully?

We need to remember that God is also our father-in-law,
For we are His children, given in marriage, which He oversaw.
Therefore, how we treat His much loved son or daughter, matters greatly,
Because He never wants to see them being treated incorrectly.

We, (via the Spirit’s enabling), are to overcome trials — be they
Via marriage, family, friends, workmates, strangers; and even each day.
God never said that we can choose what trials He allows come our way,
Therefore, when you’re thinking of leaving, He may well be saying, “Stay.”

By Lance Landall