Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


I Like It, But...

Dear Father up in Heaven, there is something that is bothering me,
Which I'd really like to share with You, as I kneel on each prayerful knee.
I’m looking for an answer, which I am hoping that You will provide,
Lest it be that I am enjoying what a Christian shouldn’t abide.

Here, I'm talking about certain music, music that I really like,
Music that's cruisie, slightly jazzy, cabaret style — lips near the mike.
It’s kind of romantic, lights down low type, which appeals to the senses,
And it really arouses my feelings the moment it commences.

Sometimes it’s just instrumental, and other times it is orchestral,
And it often has a rhythm that I guess is somewhat ancestral.
I’m referring to its beat — mind you, this beat is extremely refined,
Yes, it's very sophisticated, though sort of sensual, I find.

It’s also like that which I grew up with, when crooners were all the rage,
And when some had their own TV show, big band or orchestra on stage.
Yes, back in the fifties and sixties, such music really ruled the day,
And today — that very same music — I still on my stereo play.

I hope that You approve of such, Father, and if You don’t, please tell me,
As what I listen to — and Heaven — should always be in harmony.
But what is actually bothering me is, whether it’s okay
To use the same music in order to some heavenly things convey?

You see, that type of Christian music, (which sounds really cool to me),
Leaves me with such mixed feelings — they being, both heavenly and earthly.
For on the one hand, I think of You, on the other, I think of man,
But mostly though, I am thinking of man, and that previous time span.

Yes, certain desires and feelings are stirred that are very much earthly,
For it’s a real mixed bag, and one that sits somewhat uncomfortably.
Such is the best of both worlds, one could possibly say — but I wouldn’t,
Because listening to such might well be something that Christians shouldn’t.

So please tell me, Father, is it sin given respectability?
Is it really just an unlawful mix — an oxymoron, maybe?
For after all, what does one call Christian, and what is called secular,
Or doesn’t it matter now, or could it be that things have gone too far?

Could it be that Christians have strayed, wrongly gone where angels fear to tread,
Possibly gone backwards, and not come out of Babylon like You said?
For the words may very well be Christian, and some tunes also, maybe,
But it's that backing and that style, Father, that's really concerning me.

Yes, there's something that keeps saying that this mix isn’t acceptable,
And that this sound and style — mixed with the sacred — may be questionable.
Oh yes, it certainly appeals to me, but is it acceptable?
Could it be that in Your eyes, it’s actually abominable?

Could it be that we are being fooled, Father, given that it isn’t rock,
Or something of a similar nature that is easier to knock?
For it just seems so tame, it’s real laid-back, has a subtle pleasing beat,
And it’s so smooth, dreamy, beguiling — it can be beautiful and sweet.

But has it crossed a line, Father, one that You have drawn biblically?
Has it wrongfully bridged a gap between the secular and holy?
It’s so like what I’m used to, hence why it makes me feel at home here too,
And that's why it bothers me, as surely Christian music shouldn’t do.

By Lance Landall

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true [all that is morally and spiritually sound], whatever is honorable [worthy of respect], whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute [those things that harmonize with Christian ideals], if there is any excellence [moral excellence] and if there is anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things [let them play an active part in your life]” (Phil 4:8, NASB).