Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


If Christ called in to see you, would He like the things He saw,
Would He take a seat inside, or be looking for the door?
Would what’s showing on TV have Him gasp with disbelief,
Would your books and magazines simply fill His heart with grief?

Would the pictures on the wall have Him turn His eyes away, 
Would photos revealing pride cause our Lord to feel dismay?
Would the things that fill your home have Him feeling ill at ease,
Would your attire disappoint, would your music Christ displease?

Would the trophies on display give our Saviour cause to grieve,
Or could there be an idol that would make Christ want to leave?
Would chance visitors offend, would friends present have Him sorrow,
Would Christ be more than happy to call again tomorrow? 

If Christ wished to share His Word, would His Word be close at hand,
Would His questioning sit well, or a bombshell on you land?
Would deep important issues that our Lord sought to convey
Have you feeling ill at ease, or wishing you’d been out all day?

“Christ would not react that way,” I’d imagine some would say,
But if Christ knocked on their door, would they still feel the same way?
If they knew the Lord’s desires just like every Christian should,
Would they in fact feel badly, and disappear if they could? 

Would Christ watch those things you watch, would He do those things you do,
Would He read those books you read -- where you go, would He go too?
Would Christ commend your music, or your conversation,
Would He be receptive to an extended visitation?

Would there be much in common should our Saviour call on you,
Would our Saviour be delighted with what you believe is true? 
Would our Lord delight to be in your presence, or your home,
Or would it be, that from both, He might soon have cause to roam?

By Lance Landall