Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


It's Your Choice

“They bound them and shot them, Dad, it shocked and sickened me.
While they lay upon the ground, they took aim, cold-bloodedly.
How could they do such a thing, Dad? It really bothers me.
Are some men born monsters, or is this just humanity?”

“Well, son, some men are simply cowards who just do what they’re told;
They’ll carry out an order as if they’re remote-controlled.
And some are too scared not to, lest they themselves end up shot.
Would you buckle in such a situation, son? I hope not.”

“Other men are messed up, son, they’re simply ill mentally;
Put them in charge, and sooner or later there’ll be misery.
Somewhere on life’s journey, son, perhaps as a child, maybe,
Things went astray in their head; even genetically.”

“Some of them are victims too, perpetuating the past,
But as to what exactly triggers things — that, is a big ask.
There’re so many variables, and we’re rather complex, son,
And who has the time and expertise to deal with it, son?”

“Some men are opportunists — others err when chance appears,
Giving into temptation, or the pressure of their peers.
Chance can show a weakness, son, that hides beneath a veneer,
And certain situations can see flaws kick into gear.”

“But having said that, son, we’re all affected in some way,
Thus, in a sense it is humanity, I’m sorry to say.
However, son, we do have a choice, despite our background,
And need to remember that what goes around, comes around.”

“There’ll always be evil, and evil men — that’s reality,
Hence the wickedness we see that’s somewhat a mystery.
But out of the two forces that are operating, son,
I’m hoping that your choice will never be the evil one.”

“For even good men can fall, lose the plot, and go astray,
Be taken in by error, succumb, and choose the wrong way.
Sometimes it’s pride, money or sex — authority also,
For some once given power, take advantage, ill seeds sow.”

“In the scheme of things, good men are few, for most men succumb,
Thereby joining those who march to the beat of evil’s drum.
It takes a certain strength, son, to refrain, stand up, say “No,”
Hence why most men take the easy way out — it’s self, you know.”

“Yes, you’ll always find, son, that self’s at the root of it all,
And that for most — only doing right — seems too hard a call.
But as for monsters, son... well...that’s simply what some become,
Be it via choice, injury, chance, swing of the pendulum.”

By Lance Landall

Pure Fantasy

“I’m bad, I’m bad,” Michael Jackson sings, and he isn’t too far off the mark, given that we were hardly born saintly,
And hence why parents have to train and discipline a child, for if one doesn’t, guess who will suffer rather badly.
You see, our natural inclinations are quite selfish, even rebellious, despite what certain gurus may say,
Who pedal their pop psychology that’s not in touch with reality, and hence why many people go astray.

The unpleasant truth is, we just can’t seem to help ourselves, and find doing what’s right much harder than doing what’s wrong,
For when it comes to those things we shouldn’t do, we seem to want to, — and sadly, this has been our problem all along.
And hence why the jails are so full, and why we get fined for speeding, or issued with a notice to appear in court,
For we seem determined to try and get away with what we can, and hoping like anything that we won’t get caught.

But oft we do get caught, and then we’ve the cheek to complain about the likes of speed cameras, ridiculously,
Which, by the way, are there for a very good reason, but oh, look at how many complain about such bitterly.
Yes, never mind that such has saved lives — we would rather that they weren’t there, and the reason is, because it doesn’t suit,
And why doesn’t it suit? Because we're naturally born selfish — in other words, rebellious; and foolish to boot.

Well, so it would seem, given the sad way that we carry on, and yet, we like to think that we’re pretty good at heart,
Which so often is nothing more than a delusion, a failure to accept the truth, and we, hardly very smart.
Yes, Michael Jackson isn’t too far off the mark, for not too many of us can claim otherwise, undoubtedly,
And why we need to take a good look at ourselves, for believe me, we’re certainly not born good — that’s pure fantasy.

By Lance Landall