Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Lift Me Higher

When I’m feeling low, and very so, please lift me from that pit, dear Lord,
Cheer me with Your comfort, bear my burdens on Your shoulders, (strong and broad).
Carry me in Your arms, safe from that which harms, and there, reassure me,
And heal my tortured mind with a sweet heavenly musical medley.

Too often waves of fretfulness, and everyday concerns, fill my mind,
Yes, things that I regret, can’t forget, and just can’t seem to leave behind.
For though I’ve changed, dear Lord, the consequences of my past I still see;
All the hurt and pain, that still remain, within others, and within me.

Though I wish to move on, seems I’m set upon, by haunting memories,
Snapshots and flashbacks, panoramic taunts, that distractions fail to ease.
Though I’m sorry, and deeply so, I feel I’m caught in an undertow,
One that’s threatening to take me down, and lest I drown, please help me so.

Send me power from on high, draw nigh, surround me with the heavenly,
And angels who’ll minister to my needs; my pleas, directed to Thee.
Rebuke the rants of Satan, dismiss each accusation, (with Your grace),
And confidence in You, the One who’s sure and true, help me to embrace.

Oh yes, cover me with that innocent blood flowing from Calvary,
That robe of righteousness, undeserved, yet reserved, for wretches just like me.
Tear down every stronghold, and pull out every root rebelliously installed,
That I may shout with joy, free at last, from the past, in awe of Thee, enthralled.

Yes, Lord, daily lift my thoughts heavenward, reassure me constantly,
Fill my heart with joy and peace, so fears will cease, and bad memories flee.
Whisper midst my daily toil, speak providentially, creatively,
That I may know how much You love me, and how You’re always there for me.

Yes, lift me high above my cares, Lord, those wrong things done, those wrong things said,
And fill my mind and troubled days with heavenly thoughts and ways instead.
Encourage me, via spiritual company, divinely dispatched,
Help me experience Heaven on earth, rebirth, a life that’s unmatched.

By Lance Landall