Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Love Of A Kind

There’s a love that’s tainted by self interest, though mostly unconsciously,
And I meaning, that those who're expressing such love, this sad flaw seldom see.
I’m referring to selective love, love with a biased focus, sadly,
As opposed to love that's there for all, and shown unconditionally.

And that being, love that loves for love’s sake, and not for one’s own sake, you see,
Love that is focused outward, not inward — never on, “What’s in it for me?”
Love that puts another’s best interests first, doesn’t act selectively,
Love that treats everybody the same-cum-always behaves impartially.

It’s easy to love the loveable, those whom we're in love with, family,
A spouse, a friend, those who are pleasant and attractive — well, generally.
But it's quite another thing to love unselfishly, to love for love’s sake,
Thus breaking the cycle of partiality in which self has a stake.

Yes, it’s easy to form a circle of friends, and some form a clique, sadly,
They excluding him or her, be they a parent, a child or family.
They taking an interest in some, but not in others, unfeelingly,
All because of what it does for themselves, consciously or unconsciously.

Such isn’t genuine love, but rather, a form of love, one that is flawed,
For its motivation is introverted — that is, linked to some reward.
Thus, unless they are loved in return, or receive something back in some way,
Many simply don’t make the effort, and thereby, a shallowness display.

Yes, it’s easy to like or love those who like or love us, invariably,
But such hardly shows the true state of our heart, and what might that true state be?
For behind that love for our loved ones or friends, there may be indifference,
A bias, prejudice, even negligence — other damming evidence.

So many point at others they deem odd, or at others they don’t care for,
While lavishing much attention on others that they do like or adore.
Yes, love of a kind, love that is limited, love that’s selective, sadly,
Love that isn’t deep enough, pure enough, and the bane of humanity.

By Lance Landall

Selfish Hoarders

Many who have more than sufficient, are just adding to what they have, thereby acting most insensitively,
For despite having worked for such, (though not necessarily), it doesn’t relieve them of their moral duty.
After all, only the heartless, callous and selfish wallow in their treasures while other people do it hard,
And they, having to deal with lame excuses that come from such tight-fisted better-off folk, for such cruelly bombard.

Strong words? Yes, but very needed words, for there are too many living well while others are struggling, anxious and ill,
And often through no fault of their own — and without that help they need, they’re left to ride that life robbing carousel.
And so it goes, for many people who have it, don’t like to part with it, and hasn’t that always been the way,
For there’s something about money and possessions that gets a grip on folk, and sees them selfish instincts obey.

You would think that the more people got, the more they would give, but alas, such generosity is seldom so,
But for the mere trickle of token gestures, often conscience appeasers, or could it be that it’s done for show?
And those few who do give lots, oft have a lot more, far more than they’ll ever need, which is much better shared than hoarded,
And bearing in mind that sharing also benefits the giver, for generosity is oft rewarded...

Whether that reward comes in the form of a clear conscience, a happier state of mind, or a returned favour,
As misfortune can also hit some who’re better off, who, if they’re generous folk, the same kindness may savour.
For those who’re very grateful for the help they receive, may one day be the giver rather than the receiver,
But wouldn’t it be nice, if regardless of how much folk have, they always sought to be a burden reliever?

By Lance Landall

Just There For Themselves

It’s very clear that many who are in the people business, aren’t there for the people, but just there for themselves, be they:
Doctors, dentists, optometrists, audiologists, psychologists, specialists — and who therefore dismay.
Rather than viewing their occupation as a calling, they see such as a career, and even money tree,
For once they’re past initial outlays, be such study, equipment and so on, they sting like a demented bee.

Yes, such are seldom found amongst the ranks of the poor, but rather, despite all their whines, are doing very well,
Yet, charging what many people cannot afford, charges that their burgeoning bank account continues to swell.
And it’s the same with mechanics, plumbers, electricians, builders and so on, who though doing very nicely,
Still continue to rake in the money at others’ unfortunate expense — prices still as high, greedily.

Thus, bedside manner and customer services come second to money, if at all, for such just isn’t their scene,
Given that in their case, people are only a means to an end, but isn’t that the way it has always been?
That is, where there’s more interest in money than there is in people-cum-those who disgrace their profession or trade,
Via shoddy workmanship, lack of love, thought and care, or crippling charges, such due to a thinking that’s retrograde.

Yes, many with the skills and ability, are using such selfishly, seemingly not there for humanity,
And therefore, are lacking in that which should be foremost in their mind — such being compassion and sensitivity.
Hence how so many clients and patients suffer unduly, even terribly — a crime of sorts, quite frankly,
For surely such is a form of abuse, let alone moral bankruptcy, which just adds insult to injury.

By Lance Landall