Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Modern Calves

Do you remember Aaron who buckled when pressure came,
And pleased man instead of the Lord, rightly deserving blame?
After all, he was a priest, one left in charge of the flock,
When Moses climbed Mount Sinai; and on returning, got a shock.

Dancing ’round a golden calf was the flock he’d left behind,
The last thing he expected that on returning he would find.
In fact, he was so angry he broke the tablets of stone,
For the Israelites conduct neither he nor God could condone.

I believe that golden calves can come in various forms,
And that they soon come about when to man’s way man conforms.
Hence why we see in worship certain things that should not be,
That disturb and upset those who follow God faithfully.

Therefore, what should we do then when confronted with such things,
That foolishness and daring into church and worship brings?
Do we join the revelers who more modern calves enjoy,
Or spiritual backbone and godly wisdom employ?

Should we remain there when revelers play, and calves display,
Or should we remove ourselves ’till such stops or goes away?
Is watching or remaining a form of acceptance too,
A compromise that’s most unwise, that others could misconstrue?

Should we return to our tents like those of old should have done,
Instead of dancing about, or perhaps watching the fun?
In other words, has God said that remaining is alright
Where golden calves in worship displease Him, but man excite?

Yes, where golden calves in worship can influence, whittle away,
That’s right, chip at our defenses, slowly benumb, lead astray.
Yes, where golden calves in worship give Satan glory too;
A worship God can’t accept, a blemished offering that’s taboo.

By Lance Landall