Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Planet Earth

This planet that we all live on, we have treated very badly,
In fact, there are those who would say that we have just acted madly.
We've poisoned the air that we breathe, we've polluted lakes and seas too,
And we've wrecked havoc on the land, all of which we’ve now cause to rue.

Oh, why have we been so foolish, and this beautiful planet messed,
For surely everyone knows that you never foul up your own nest?
And once we have burnt all our bridges, there can be no turning back,
So, before there's no hope left, friend, let’s attempt to get back on track.

We can't exchange this planet for another one that's shiny new,
However, given our track record, we’d mess up that planet too.
But we’ve only got this one, so let's forget those trips to the moon,
And we'd better act very quickly, lest calamity hit soon.

It really is that urgent, for this planet's in a dreadful state,
Given that the damage we’ve inflicted isn't small but very great.
Yes, this old planet’s reeling badly from assaults upon its crust,
And hence why it's in need of repairing, and repair it, we must!

Yes, the future generation could be terribly affected
By those dreadful catastrophes that scientists have predicted.
They have warned us that such will happen if we don’t act right away,
And stop all those things that we’re doing that are causing Earth’s decay.

But despite all our best efforts, the reality that we face
Is, that we may not succeed, as this planet is a sorry case,
For many have chosen to ignore just how serious things are,
Hence all the damage that’s been done, that may now have gone too far. 

But despite such, we should still try and do everything that we can
To decelerate and halt all those disastrous doings of man,
For there will be no hope at all, if we do not act right away,
Therefore, let us all pull together, not tomorrow, but today.

By Lance Landall

Don't Just Suit Yourself

It seems that most only want to hear what’s pleasing, and only want to do what makes them feel good — blow others —
They acting both selfishly and immaturely, showing very little thought for their sisters and brothers.
And that meaning, each member of humanity, for whether we like it or not, we’re one big family,
And what do sound families do? They consider the rights, thoughts and feelings of each member of the family.

And what else does a sound family do? Well, it deals with any tough issues, thus facing reality,
And thereby taking in some home truths, making changes, and enduring discomfort where it’s necessary.
Yes, no pain, no gain, but how many want to bother, for such isn’t pleasing, nor feels good, though for the best,
And why most are just looking after themselves, and not acting on behalf of another’s best interest.

Well, there’s usually consequences for such self imposed ignorance, even for acting selfishly,
And why it doesn't pay to live in such a self-focussed world, one that acts so very injuriously.
For everyone and everything is linked in some way, and therefore why everything is breaking down today;
The price we’re paying for only wanting to hear what’s pleasing, or do what feels good-cum-only want to play.

Yes, it’s better to listen to what we don’t want to, and to do what we don’t want to — that is, if we should —
And surely any thinking person whose taking in the big picture, and not just their own backyard, such would.
For failure to do so can bring the roof down on everybody, and why we’re in great danger currently,
And why it’s time we started those needed repairs on the foundation and walls of this planet, and quickly.

By Lance Landall