Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



The world is full of plotters who’re busy scheming treacherously,
Creating wars and mayhem, and shaping the course of history.
Yes, plotters with agendas, and tentacles universally,
Who’re attempting to control and manipulate humanity.

Therefore, history as we know it, isn’t always correct, and,
Not just a case of how things turned out, but rather, were wickedly planned.
“Truth is stranger than fiction,” it is said, and how true that can be,
Hence why Investigative Journalism proves necessary.

And why everybody should do their homework, conscientiously,
Reading broadly, researching, and questioning habitually.
Too many seem to have their head in the sand, displaying apathy,
Which thereby ups the chances of us all losing our liberty.

That “evil prospers because good men do nothing,” is also true,
However, such effectively makes those so-called “good men” guilty too.
For why don’t they say or do something — that is, if they’re able to,
And if they’re truly “good men” — as surely that is what good men do?

Yes, if only folk knew the half of it, shocked and surprised they’d be,
For so many things that affect us all, happen in secrecy.
Hence why we should enlighten ourselves — at least as far as we can,
Lest we be led astray via the cunning words and actions of man.

Hate politics? Well, you’re not alone — but interested, you should be,
As we’re all affected by decisions that are made politically.
Only fools ignore what’s happening around them, which doesn’t pay,
Given that when cats aren’t prowling — even more so, the mice will play.

Yes, the world is full of plotters, and such plotters there’ll always be,
Hiding behind organizations, even acting religiously.
Thus, we’re either on guard or not, active or inactive, invariably,
And thereby, innocent of wrongdoing, or guilty, subsequently.

By Lance Landall