Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Real Heroes

I’m often amazed at the glory that some people get
For dubious achievements their admirers aid and abet.
To me, they’re hardly heroes, and such glory don’t deserve,
And more so — given that their achievements — simply ‘self’ serve.

For example: Climbing dangerous mountains, risking their life,
Which surely suggests lack of thought for their children and wife.
After all, what’s more important, your spouse and family,
Or climbing some mountain, risking life and limb pointlessly?

Who needs to climb a mountain — and why, when others have died,
After all, one doesn’t need to — and why is such glorified?
It may be some feat, but for what, and who cares? — some might say,
It’s just a climb, be it tough, nothing more, at the end of the day.

Isn’t it irresponsible to pointlessly risk your life,
And even far more so, if you’ve a family and wife?
Doesn’t such show lack of sense, and display selfishness too,
Given that loved-ones could suffer, and in fact, commonly do?

But why knock yourself about, suffering prematurely,
Via overstraining your limbs, or some sudden injury?
And why risk losing your life when you’ve got lots to live for,
Just for the sake of a buzz, a medal, or the crowds roar?

The Guinness Book of Records is full of such lack of sense,
And what’s even sadder, “It’s my life,” some say in their defense.
Well, it may be their life, but what about friends and family,
And the burden they may bear, because of such insanity?

REAL heroes think of others, even die on their behalf,
But not just for a medal, some applause, a buzz, a laugh.
REAL heroes take care of themselves, think of their family,
They don’t risk it all pointlessly, senselessly, selfishly.

REAL heroes put others before themselves — refrain for others’ sake,
Not wanting them to suffer via some foolish risk they take.
REAL heroes take constructive risks that prolong life, and others aid,
And foolish risk takers, and risk taking — strongly dissuade.

Yes, there’re so many things that folk do, that sense would not do,
That love would not motivate, and that care would not pursue.
Some of these things are dangerous, some of them just pointless,
And all are unnecessary — caused, I believe, by a blindness.

That is, they do it regardless, no matter what you say,
Often clearly knowing that it certainly does not pay.
Now THAT, doesn’t make sense to me, if they’re not wanting to die,
And just leaves me shaking my head, and asking the question, “Why?”

By Lance Landall

Who wants their loved-one taking unnecessary dangerous risks?

Some such risks:
Hang gliding; sky diving; bungy jumping; dare-devil stunts;
drag racing; motor bike racing; bull fighting, etc.

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