Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


“Things happen for a reason,” some say. Well, that’s partly true,
As, sometimes we make things happen by what we say and do.
But on the other hand, many things happen randomly
Due to our chaotic world, or humans acting mindlessly.

Therefore, when BAD things happen, there isn’t always a need
To think there’s a reason for what happened, or to “Why?” plead.
Many things simply happen, often without rhythm or rhyme,
And for many folk, it’s just a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Yes, many sad things occur for no good reason at all,
And on both good and evil people these same things can fall.
Given the state this world’s in, we should hardly be surprised,
And why mentally, we need to adjust — get acclimatized.

Yes, good can come out of bad, we know that can happen too,
And if we’ve the right attitude, good’s more likely to.
But bad things don’t happen just so good can come from them,
No, that’s misguided thinking I believe we should condemn.

Yes, good can come from bad — we can learn lessons, make changes too,
And sometimes when things go wrong, we end up better off, that’s true.
But not all’s for a reason, no, much happens pointlessly,
Why? Because that’s life, this earth, the hard facts, reality.

We often bring troubles on ourselves, create our own mess,
Then foolishly blame others, even God for our distress.
Though upbringing, environment and circumstances affect us,
It’s ultimately our call, as we’re to drive our own bus.

When bad things happen to us, some soul-searching doesn’t hurt,
But that bad happens for a reason we should not assert.
Unless of course, we are talking about cause and effect,
Such as: When we invite trouble, trouble we can expect.

By Lance Landall