Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



“Things happen for a reason,” some say. Well, that’s partly true,
As, sometimes we make things happen by what we say and do.
But on the other hand, many things happen randomly
Due to our chaotic world, or humans acting mindlessly.

Therefore, when BAD things happen, there isn’t always a need
To think there’s a reason for what happened, or to “Why?” plead.
Many things simply happen, often without rhythm or rhyme,
And for many folk, it’s just a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Yes, many sad things occur for no good reason at all,
And on both good and evil people these same things can fall.
Given the state this world’s in, we should hardly be surprised,
And why mentally, we need to adjust — get acclimatized.

Yes, good can come out of bad, we know that can happen too,
And if we’ve the right attitude, good’s more likely to.
But bad things don’t happen just so good can come from them,
No, that’s misguided thinking I believe we should condemn.

Yes, good can come from bad — we can learn lessons, make changes too,
And sometimes when things go wrong, we end up better off, that’s true.
But not all’s for a reason, no, much happens pointlessly,
Why? Because that’s life, this earth, the hard facts, reality.

We often bring troubles on ourselves, create our own mess,
Then foolishly blame others, even God for our distress.
Though upbringing, environment and circumstances affect us,
It’s ultimately our call, as we’re to drive our own bus.

When bad things happen to us, some soul-searching doesn’t hurt,
But that bad happens for a reason we should not assert.
Unless of course, we are talking about cause and effect,
Such as: When we invite trouble, trouble we can expect.

By Lance Landall

And Surely You Too

I’m all for a world where all are free, where folk go to this church or that church, or an atheist choose to be,
A world that’s free of prejudice and bigotry, and where another’s point of view we always try to see.
And where we fail to, that we accord them the same rights as us, thereby acting tolerantly,
Appreciating the uniqueness and individuality of each member of humanity.

I’m all for a world that’s full of love, where folk never resort to violence or war, nor settle some score,
But rather, forgive and forget, choosing to move on and upward, they never desiring to close the door.
A world where only what’s right is sought, our thoughts and actions noble, and we, always seeking what’s best to say,
Whether such be a word in due season that shows that we care, or something that cheers another on their way.

I’m all for a world where burdens are shared, and where charity’s the order of the day — and thus warm, each heart,
Every breast beating with tender regard for both creature and man, and our care for the Earth state-of-the-art.
A world where only selfless acts-cum-beneficial deeds and loving affection are employed, and much not seen,
We not seeking reward, recognition, or the limelight — our conscience, heart and mind active, lofty, clear and clean.

I’m all for a world where hate has been abandoned, and deceit, bias, oppression and persecution too,
A world where everyone’s input is valued, where no one’s thought of as lower or higher, nor help overdue.
Yes, a world where reconciliation is on everybody’s mind, a fair world, where all are seen as one,
And yet, are enjoyed for their difference — sense, peace and harmony having put an end to both sword and gun.

By Lance Landall