Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Soap And Water

In those days when I was a child, some mothers made it very clear,
That should we ever use foul language, soap would suddenly appear,
For mouths that uttered such, were deemed to be deserving of a wash,
Which would serve as a strong reminder and thus future swearing quash.

Well, since that time when I was a child, things have badly gone astray,
For swearing is now pandemic, and growing fouler every day.
It seems that there’s less resistance now, to this language that degrades
The very one who’s swearing, and who such lack of control parades.

You see, no self-respecting person lowers them self by swearing,
And neither will they use such language within another’s hearing,
For once obscene words are spoken, one’s integrity is destroyed,
Which is why self-respecting people such obscenity avoid.

So much is conveyed to others by those things that we choose to say,
Or by certain words we utter, as both, the inner self display,
For whenever foul words are used, (that everybody should condemn),
They reflect a blemish in the mind of those who are using them.

Yes, such people simply display a level to which they have sunk,
And can also covey that from a polluted fountain they've drunk,
For those sources that we draw from, and thus give entry to the brain,
Inevitably determine what inside our grey matter will reign.

There’s never any need of language that destroys integrity,
Or that offends another who considers such obscenity.
But if swearing doesn’t faze you, and foul words you’ll still rudely say,
At least show some thought for other folk who don’t see things the same way.

It seems to me that soap and water wouldn’t go astray today,
As never have we heard before such a verbal moral decay.
It never brings anyone credit using language that’s obscene,
For it shows a mind that’s sullied, and a mouth that soap needs to clean.

By Lance Landall