Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Something Odd

Something odd is going on that is occurring everywhere,
For people are holding a hand close to their right or left ear.
They appear to be talking, but to whom, I have no idea,
For there is nobody in range that their mutterings can hear.

Some get quite animated, and some folk raise their voice as well,
In fact, some folk even yell, or chat away for quite a spell.
But to whom’s a mystery, for there’s nobody around,
Which seems to beg the question, “Are these people really quite sound?”

Is their ear giving trouble, could it be that they’re in pain?
Have they been given a clout, suffered injury to the brain?
Perhaps they have an earache, or there is something in their ear —
Yes, there could well be some insect that's dancing around in there.

But when you try to talk to them, to enquire if they’re alright,
They’re inclined to glare at you, turn away, act impolite.
You’re only trying to help, but it seems that that’s a mistake,
For they act like they’re upset, and vigorously, their head shake.

Sometimes when you approach them, they look puzzled, and shake their head,
Or they act like they’ve not heard you, nor understood what you’ve said.
Most don’t stop what they’re doing, as if their hand and head are glued,
And you’re left with that feeling that you have acted somewhat rude.

Yes, they have something in their hand that is pressed against their head,
And I don’t think it’s a bandage, although sometimes it glows red.
Occasionally this object is pulled away from their ear,
But only to be looked at, stabbed at, and then be placed back there.

It really has me puzzled why these folk act this way they do,
And the odd thing about it all, is, that all-sorts do it too.
I really can’t help feeling that there is something most askew
About this thing that they’re doing — which seems cell-y, phoney too.

By Lance Landall