Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Something To Ponder

“There simply isn't enough money,” the powers that be convey,
“Regarding those operations that many people need today.”
Oh yes, “There isn't enough money,” we hear repeatedly said,
Hence why some folk die in the meantime, or just hang on by a thread.

“There simply isn't enough money,” the powers that be report,
“For more medical centres, or more hospitals that are being sought.
And further more,” the same people add, “The same thing also applies
To medical equipment, medication, and certain supplies.”

They’re also quick to let us know that there will never be enough
To cover everything -- and yes, they acknowledge that such is tough.
“But,” they say, “If we haven’t got it, there’s not a lot we can do,
Which all must accept, despite any hardship that they might go through.”

But are they telling us the truth though? Well, yes, but not entirely,
Because money that they could use, is going somewhere else, you see.
Yes, they do in fact have some money, but they're using it elsewhere,
And some of the blame for all that, even you and I have to share.

Even if the powers that be, spend money inappropriately,
We should not make matters far worse by acting just as thoughtlessly.
Thus, where there’s a lack of money for the healthcare that people need,
We too, can't plead innocent, if such money we wrongfully bleed.

Therefore, we should not go seeking out money irresponsibly,
Lest the money that we demand deprive other folk wrongfully.
If we are demanding money without the thought that is due here,
We could one day find that we as well are denied life, or needed care.

Yes, what might well be okay at times, at other times will not be,
Therefore, sometimes we should only ask for what is necessary.
But certain things at any time are a wrongful use of money,
Though never more so than where there is suffering, or the needy.

By Lance Landall