Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Sorry, But I Disagree

“All you need is love,” the Beatles chanted, which sounds great, but it’s wrong,
And here’s the reasons why I disagree with the words of their song.
While love should motivate all we say and do, and rightly so too,
Other things must follow, and they will, if our love is really true.

For example — TRUTH — and the freedom to express it, search for it,
Because deceit can hide behind a loving facade, let’s admit.
Yes, so many proclaiming love, even seemingly loving too,
Can be wolves in sheep’s clothing, and behind the scenes, evil pursue.

But whose love is pure, unconditional — and is so, ceaselessly?
No one’s, hence the need of laws, checks and balances, authority.
Without such, mere love would flounder, despite the best intentions, and,
Troubles would grow, as, “All you need is love,” is just building on sand.

Sure we need love, and more so than ever, but never love alone,
Otherwise, our loss of freedom, we would soon have cause to bemoan.
You see, “For the sake of love,” they’d say, “We will outlaw this and that,” and,
Civil/religious liberties would begin to slip from our hand.

Real love — that is, genuine love, holds freedom and liberty high,
It’s transparent, respects the rights of all, and the truth none will deny.
Yes, love’s wise enough to know that all must be free to disagree,
To follow their own conscience, their own path — not shackled legislatively.

Hence why, “All you need is love,” is merely sentimentality,
A nice notion, but not something that’s in tune with reality.
It makes for a good song, makes a point, but that’s as far as it goes,
For love alone, can’t solve the world’s problems, nor one’s personal woes.

Oh yes, love certainly makes a difference, and it is the key,
By that I mean: It’s the foundation, the cue for humanity.
Without love, we haven’t a chance, and more of it certainly need,
But, “All you need is love," is false, and shallowness will only feed.

By Lance Landall

Nothing's Wrong With Nice

I was surprised to hear a well-known man groaning because he’d been labelled Mister Nice,
Or was it, “The world’s nicest man?” my memory getting in the way of my being precise.
Anyway, I disappointed to hear such, for how could anybody think like that,
For contrary to his sorry take on such, being nice is actually where it’s at.

In fact, we should set our sights even higher than nice, but if not nice, what are we then?
Not so nice, obviously, and thus no shining example, the whole trouble with men,
And women, let me add, who that nice boy or girl next door image seem to spurn these days,
They favouring that raw and raunchy dark side which nothing but a sad decline displays.

Yes, we’re living in very different times, a time where right and goodness is waning,
And in its place, a shameful desire for the worst and lowest appears to be reigning.
Hence why pretty much anything goes, and why Mister Nice was disowning that label,
And thus he in my eyes not so nice, and he, his shortcomings more than happy to tell.

“Ask my wife,” he said, “She’ll tell you” — such hardly to his credit, and I thinking, “How sad,”
As should I be labelled “The nicest man in the world,” I would be thrilled-cum-very glad.
For though I don’t deserve such a title, it’s one to be proud of and not condemn,
But given the tragic thinking out there, isn’t that so like today’s women and men?

By Lance Landall