Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


That's Exactly Why

You did it Dad, so you can’t speak,” but that’s exactly why dads can —
Or mothers — for that very same way is how their troubles began.
Hence, via their bad experience they’re trying to warn and protect,
And their sound advice — dear young people — you’d be foolish to reject.

In fact, you would be a bigger fool by ignoring what they say,
For you’ve the benefit of their blunder, far less excuse to stray.
But why go repeating history when it’s clear such doesn’t pay,
And via doing so, just join the ranks of the fools of yesterday?

And hey, think about your own children saying the same thing to you,
For such is extremely likely, if you, those same mistakes pursue.
Yes, it pays to listen to your parents and heed their sound advice,
And not go tempting fate, repeating history, for there’s a price.

Believe me, it isn’t worth the pain, and is so unnecessary;
It’s bad enough that they’ve suffered, and experienced misery.
They’re much wiser now that they’re older, but you can be wiser now,
If you’ll just put self to one side, and to their greater wisdom bow.

The results of not listening can follow us throughout our life,
Reminding us in some way, dogging our steps, hurting, adding strife.
Such keeps the old carousel turning, and playing the same old tune,
And is simply a bubble, a deflating hot-air-balloon.

Yes, we may get away with it for a season, but that is all,
For sound advice rejected, invariably leads to one’s downfall.
When we ignore our parents, it makes us just as bad as they were
When they ignored their parents (if they did), and saw troubles occur.

So, who’s going to get smarter and break the cycle, snap those chains,
Before once again, via rejecting wisdom, folly another claims?
Will you act wiser — dear young people — than many who’ve gone before,
Or will you too, just like them, experience and wisdom ignore?

By Lance Landall