Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Fledgling

Upon arising one morning, I heard a commotion of sorts,
The sound of excited birds — and hence, our two cats amongst my thoughts.
And right I was, for there they were, and a very shaken fledgling,
Confronted with life’s harsh realities, one sunny day in spring.

I managed to quickly get the offending predators inside,
Lured by a rattled jar of tasty cat snacks, (that I wisely hide).
Then, shutting the door behind me, I sought to attend to that bird,
Which managed to flutter off, despite the mauling it had incurred.

And there it perched, higher off the ground but still at risk, still too near,
Hence why I kept the back door shut, lest two predators reappear.
Sensing it needed time to rest, I went back inside for a while,
And what I then saw through the window, was nature’s endearing style.

For to its aid there flew a mother bird, with a worm in her beak,
And again, giving sustenance to the fledgling ruffled and weak.
Well, I couldn’t keep the cats in all day, so I went back outside,
Hoping that with some coaxing, it would safely further away glide.

Eventually it did, freed from two well-fed cats pacing the floor,
So, amidst deep thought, I unlocked the cat flap — their own private door.
And out they went, sniffing here, sniffing there, hopefully not to find
A fledgling no doubt still mending, but spared this time, via humankind.

Such reminded me of how we can get mauled by life’s predators,
Be they in the form of calamities, or ills behind closed doors.
Yes, be such via the hand of strangers, or our loved ones, (shamefully),
Who leave us shaken like that fledgling, looking for some sanctuary.

Are you a mother bird in human form, lovingly bearing aid,
A Samaritan, a member of humanity’s caring brigade?
Are you a rescuer of fledglings, those shaken, bruised and battered,
Or do you pass on by, indifferent, as though it never mattered?

By Lance Landall

In the following poem, the word "sin" refers to a conscious, deliberate, and even willing wrong.

Behind And Within

Though most of us are full of excuses that just aren’t good enough, there are those who to some degree can be excused,
Or who at least have a legitimate reason for their behaviour, and therefore, shouldn’t be unkindly accused.
Though their behaviour may not be what it should be, (at times), it’s not something they’ve altogether chosen consciously,
For there are things occurring within them that they just don’t understand, nor that have even been picked up on, sadly.

And such could relate to either the physical or mental, of which each can affect the other, let’s be clear here,
And finding the exact cause can be an expensive exercise, and a protracted one, and the means just not there.
And nor other folk, by the way, (at least not like they should be), who could provide a helping hand in various ways,
Which, when such isn’t there to support, and somehow ease things, that needed change or answer simply thwarts or delays.

We’re living in times where so many are afflicted with the unknown — yes, a multitude of things that can impair,
One being those chemicals that enter the body via one’s mouth or one’s skin — and how? — once again isn’t always clear,
For much that we’re told is safe, proves to be otherwise, let alone those things that we know are not safe, quite another case,
And which we often can’t avoid given that they surround us, and are so regularly found within the workplace.

Hence why we should be more tolerant of, and more patient with, those folk who come our way who behave in certain ways,
For who knows what’s behind their sad behaviour, nor how much they’re struggling with such, and all of which even them dismays.
While wrong shouldn’t be condoned, there are wrongs that occur more because of injury, rather than because of some sin,
And by sin I mean, plain selfishness or evil, for there’s so much more that can be going on behind and within...

For example:

If someone is impatient, is it a selfish impatience, or an uncontrollable irritability?
For some health conditions can seem to override one’s self-control — at times, that is — where there’s stress particularly.
I guess I’m referring to the likes of 'chronic fatigue syndrome,' and then there’s depression, serious depression,
Both of which can lead to some unfortunate — but not purposely chosen, as such — upsetting outward expression.

And then there are those medications, which, despite one’s best efforts, can see someone acting very differently,
And they, therefore hardly in full control of the scene, or against all the odds, having to battle furiously,
That is, to refrain from acting wrongly, for under such conditions, such can seem like an impossibility,
And more so, if there are a number of issues going down, and why we should refrain from acting judgmentally.

Yes, we’re so quick to see things as being some sin, when it’s more an injury that’s expressing itself, (albeit wrongly),
Rather than something that’s premeditated, someone's bad trait, or someone who’s just lashing out uncontrollably,
That is, due to a lack of self-control that they were more than capable of, and thus deserve condemnation for,
And why we need to mind how we look at things at times, given that behind someone’s action, there’s often a lot more.

By Lance Landall