Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Neggs

Watch out for those surly neggs, for they’re sneaky cheerless things,
So often responsible for grouchy slouchy mood swings.
They’re agitators, instigators, downright mischief makers,
They’re happy thoughts and moods gloomy doomy over takers.

Yes, they’re the neggs — the negatives — that just pessimism sow,
Unless you seek the pozzies — the positives — shouting, "NEGGS! Go, go, go."
Otherwise, you’ll soon frown, soon go down, perhaps in pity drown,
So, just send those neggs packing, high-tailing it out of town.

They’re outright joy killers that will clutter up your brain,
Once they’re given half a chance to negatively entertain.
They’re outrageous, contagious, certainly not advantageous,
And they’ll get their way with you, unless you’requite courageous.

So, just give them the heave ho, that’s right, just say, “Cheerio.”
Don’t give them the opportunity to chortle and crow.
Otherwise, they’ll knock you, mock you, perhaps even rock you,
Take you down a dead-end street where no one is well-to-do.

No, don’t listen to the neggs, they’ve got nothing good to say,
Instead, call on the pozzies, let them keep those neggs at bay.
Otherwise, they’ll drain you, strain you, even cause loss and pain,
And things you want to achieve, you’ll possibly not attain.

Therefore, don’t let the neggs nag you, get their feet in the door,
For once in, you can be sure possibilities they’ll explore.
They’re cunning, quickly gunning — yes, those neggs I’d be shunning,
Lest it be, that in the wrong direction, they have you running.

They’re not only depressing, but injurious advisors,
Misery maximizers, happiness minimizers.
They’re also victimizers that mentally tyrannize,
And that very actively, little problems fertilize.

By Lance Landall