Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Paedophile's Shadow

I’d be the first to condemn the act of a paedophile, believe me,
But paedophile paranoia isn’t good either, quite honestly.
And such is why innocent grandfathers can feel very uneasy
When they’re alone with their grandchild, or when acting affectionately.

Or, when near public toilets, I might add — all of which is most unfair,
And a concern to them, lest they, a paedophile seemingly appear.
I’m talking, those furtive glances they can get, that can make them feel so,
And why some, a trip to a public toilet with their grandchild may forgo.

Yes, I am aware that paedophilia and child porn are widespread,
But let’s not go responding in a way that fills many men with dread.
Men like grandfathers, fathers, male teachers, who’d never ever molest,
And who, paedophilia and child porn, totally condemn, detest.

The concern being expressed, is, that innocent actions may be misread,
And why rather than teaching, some men will take up something else instead.
Or why some granddads will ease off the affection, not be around as much,
Lest someone look at them suspiciously, misinterpreting a touch.

These concerns are certainly very real, given the paranoia,
Which effectively operates as a reputation destroyer.
By that I mean, all those aspersions cast upon innocent men, who,
The evils of paedophilia would never condone, nor pursue.

Sadly so, such seems to be a male’s lot these days, universally,
Thanks to a paedophile paranoia that’s gripping society.
And which no doubt is impacting on some grandchildren negatively,
And on children in need of father figures — some worthy male company.

Yes, I would be the first to condemn paedophilia, believe me,
But paedophile paranoia is also destructive, unhealthy.
And like I said, hard on grandfathers, fathers, male teachers, innocent men,
Whose unfortunate plight, I’m bringing to your attention via the pen,
And asking: Please don’t let the paedophile’s shadow fall on good men.

By Lance Landall