Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Those Two Words

It’s so easy to say those words, “If only,” and often we do,
When we’ve still got much to be thankful for, or when problems are few.
But even should our problems be large, or many, and a concern,
Acceptance and contentment are often lessons we need to learn.

Life is full of ups and downs, and problems can come out of the blue,
And when they’re the last thing we’re wanting, or expecting, come they do.
Even at the best of times, things have a way of going askew,
Thus, often in our lifetime, periods of upset we’ll go through.

Though understandable, “If only,” will get us nowhere at all,
Hence why we should make the best of things, when we’re up against the wall,
And appreciate what we have in life, (little as it may be),
Losing ourselves in others, who’re possibly far worse off than we.

I know life can be hard at times, even cruel and miserable,
Depending on what we’re going through, and more so, when we’re unwell.
But even so, why make things worse, add to grief, and say, “If only,”
And even more so, where we can’t change things, or very easily?

Believe me, I’m not unsympathetic — have said, “If only,” too,
And in fact, there are times when even now, I must admit I do.
But as I said, what’s the point? What’s done is done. What will be will be,
Or to put it another way, things happen, uncontrollably.

Sometimes dreams come true, and we get the outcome we want — and life’s great,
But dreams can crash, things go wrong, and trouble once again dominate.
And as they say, “That’s life” — thus, acceptance and contentment are the key,
Along with losing ourselves in others, thinking positively.

All we can do, is make the best of a bad situation, you see,
That is, should such be our lot, permanently or temporarily.
And we do that by focusing outwards, (not inwards), courageously,
And when we do, we grow, become better, develop maturity.

Yes, it’s pointless sawing sawdust — it’s much better to adjust.

By Lance Landall

Mind What You Say and Do

It’s sad that it can take almost a life-time before we’ve learnt, and then it’s often too late,
For the damage is done, our energy waning, and troubles and poor health lying in wait,
And we, very regretful, our back against the wall, and old father time ticking away,
All of which then seems to conspire against us, as if wanting to make us suffer and pay.

When all is said and done, it’s all about treating other folk well, and not causing them ill,
For come those twilight hours of our life, and amidst deep reflection, past wrongs may haunt and chill,
Yes, rather than the warmth of much happier memories, and deeds more noble and worthy,
We may feel cold draughts of restlessness and anxiety, and sleep may not come easily.

And we may also be forced to live with the baleful results of our callousness and folly,
Be that via personal scars, or scars we’ve inflicted on others that shout at us daily,
For all that we do and say — results in something — be it minor or major, good or bad,
Which, amidst our final years, will leave past years looking beautifully or shamefully clad.

Or to put it another way, such will leave us selflessly clothed or selfishly exposed,
Our conscience clear or pricking, and we, thus either agitated or serenely composed,
For all that we leave behind, either remains behind, or catches up, eventually,
A fact that has borne the test of time — one that rather than later, is better learnt early.

By Lance Landall