Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Time To Awaken

“Since every thing will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be?
You ought to live holy and Godly lives” (2 Peter 3:11, NIV).

There’s a very good reason why God is allowing things to get worse,
And they certainly have been, (now more so), ever since the Fall, the curse.
In a nutshell, He is trying to get mankind’s attention, and fast,
Why? Because He’s coming very soon, knowing that this sin sick world won’t last.

Yes, we’re great ones for putting things off, dragging our feet, messing around,
And if we’re not careful, we’ll be caught unawares via His trumpet sound.
And then there’s those scoffers, unbelievers, who need a wakeup call too,
For the coming of Jesus in great glory with His angels is due.

God’s love is so great that He doesn’t want any lost, nor to miss out,
He’s trying to warn us, prepare us, before His coming triumphant shout.
We’re intoxicated with earth’s attractions, caught up in our affairs,
And unless we respond to His promptings, we’ll encounter our worst fears.

We’ve become too comfortable, complacent, lost our sense of urgency,
It seems we’ve developed a dangerous false sense of security.
It seems we’ve grabbed a hold of grace, forgetting that God’s Law has its place,
And are behaving just like the worldlings, who earthly desires chase.

Thus, how else can God reach us, (and the unbeliever too), but via woes,
Given we’re not heeding His instructions, which, let’s be honest, clearly shows.
We’re lukewarm, Laodicean — yes, far more earthly than heavenly,
And we’re risking it all for what, foolishly, pointlessly, thoughtlessly?

If God didn’t allow the consequences of sin to come to pass,
And those woes besetting us, we wouldn’t take notice of the hourglass.
However, we should always live prepared, willingly and righteously,
For death could strike at anytime, and so too, accountability.

Yes, love must do what love knows is best, and God certainly knows what’s best,
And if we heed His cry, we’ll be spared, and with eternity will be blessed.
Yes, He wants us to be ready, living as if He’s coming today,
And to remember that His love for us, is the reason for His delay.

By Lance Landall

A Modern God

The modern God, according to my sources, isn’t all that bothered about sin, seemingly;
So much for Him being the unchangeable God, and all He said about walking obediently.
And now, His grace covering folk whether they’re wilfully sinning or not, which is sure to please,
And thus attaining eternity a piece of cake, and why into Heaven almost all will breeze.

Yes, so go for it, it seems, enjoy the best of both worlds, or worst in Earth’s case, we fancy free,
And no longer to be concerned about witnessing righteously-cum-walking biblically.
Nor need we be concerned over truth when it comes to unity, truth somehow dispensable,
We pretty much pleasing ourselves rather than getting into a tizz over what might be God’s will.

Yes, I can hear the cheering, see folk flinging their crosses down despite Christ saying, “Pick them up,”
Though not now, apparently — Hello world I’m on my way, I've so much to do, read, watch and sup.
Well, such no doubt being the way many would like it, belief in God the only criteria,
And according to my impeccable sources, man’s thoughts and ways now far more superior.

Yes, it’s all so different, we inherently good rather than having a rebellious bent,
And bound for the glory land despite any hypocrisy-cum-Jesus badly misrepresent.
Well, there’s no question we’re looking at a modern God here, or is such simply man's invention,
Another tower of Babel, and for those involved, an end far too horrible to mention?

By Lance Landall