Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Yes, he’s staring at your body, and there’s desire in his eyes,
And given the way that you’re dressed, it’s hardly any surprise.
You’ve got his motor running, because you have just turned his key,
By what you are revealing that’s arousing sexually.

Every woman clearly knows that men are turned on visually,
Hence why many women wear what attracts men sexually.
They know such clothing will trigger the attention they desire,
But they should also realize that what they trigger can backfire.

Men shouldn’t respond shamefully, or behave criminally,
As there’s no excuse for that, it’s clearly acting wrongfully.
But shouldn't women share some blame when their sexy clothes arouse
The sex-drives of men, who, without consent, do more than just browse?

Once a motor is switched on, it is designed to operate,
And so it is with males, whose hormones these women activate.
Hence women play with fire when they foolishly arouse desire
In others besides their own spouse, via their sexual attire.

The attention such women get, they could one day well regret,
For there are certain men out there who are a potential threat.
But hey, the sexual domain is most men’s Achilles’ heel,
Which woman cruelly toy with via certain things that they reveal.

Many men consider it provocative and unfair,
That women will parade their wares, yet, are not prepared to share.
Such would say to women: “If sharing isn’t your intention,
It’s unfair to arouse me, and then leave me in suspension.”

Those who thoughtlessly trigger those feelings men find hard to halt,
Many would strongly argue are the ones who are most at fault.
But whether that be the case or not, one thing is very clear,
It’s unwise and most unfair to tease any man, anywhere.

Such selfish and unkind titillation may well trigger and fan
A sexual dysfunction that's lying deep within a man.
To men who have such a problem, it’s like red rag to a bull,
And something that so many men find barely manageable.

It seems women aren't aware of just how strong those sex-drives are,
That reside within most men -- yes, somewhat like a reservoir.
Such sex-drives shouldn't be played with, lest some man can’t hold in check,
The force behind that reservoir, that like a bomb, some cause to tick.

If women don’t like those stares, or those whistles that irritate,
They shouldn’t go wearing clothes that sexually accentuate.
When women wear sexy clothes, it’s not love, but lust that they stir,
And, sadly, the line that separates both, they foolishly blur.

By Lance Landall