Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Well Connected

There are so many interesting words, like, “memory,”
Which reminds me: I think I’ll mention some via poetry.
For example, “humour,” which sounds quite amusing to me,
A word connected to “hilarious” and “tomfoolery.”

And then there is “scandal,” which has a naughty ring to it,
Or “revelation,” which with “scandal” somehow seems to fit.
And then there’s “flinch,” which seems to go with “needle,” don’t you think?
Or “mischievous,” which I’ve a feeling may go with “wink.”

“As for “garbage,” it’s “rubbish,” so I won’t waste time on that one,
Rather, I’ll mention “cream,” which is pleasantly linked to bun.
I’ll mention “glazed” too, which is kind of connected to “stare,”
And I’ll toss in “pudding,” which hopefully is tied to “share.”

“Niggle’s” an interesting word — connected to “conscience,” I think,
And as for “blushing,” I’ve a feeling that it’s linked to “shrink.”
And then there’s “ludicrous,” which sounds ridiculous to me,
Or “gobbledygook,” which is just nonsense, quite honestly.

Yes, I could go on — in fact, I will — so, how about “squeaky?”
Which sometimes is connected to “joints” — my, aren’t I cheeky?
Oh yes, there’s “nibble,” often associated with “snack,”
And “ouch” or “grimace,” invariably connected to “back.”

Yes, there are so many interesting words, like, “bellow,”
Which sometimes is heard in conjunction with “brick,” “sore” or “toe.”
And there’s the word “prognosis,” that’s always linked to “money,”
Or the word “frustrate,” that’s so often tied to “policy.”

Well, I’d better leave it there, and vacate my cushioned chair,
And some other day, perhaps, more interesting words share.
Like “poet” and “pen,” that are used in conjunction with “poetry,”
And would you believe it? Sometimes with “facetiousness.” What! Me?

By Lance Landall