Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


"When In Rome ..."

When someone comes to visit us, there are certain things that we expect,
Simply because when they are in our home, they should show us due respect.
After all, our home is our home, and in our home, our rules should apply,
Therefore, if you wish to visit us, it’s only right that you comply.

And likewise, when we are in your home, we should show due respect to you,
By behaving in a manner that is equally as thoughtful too.
After all, your home is your home, and in your home, your rules should apply,
Therefore, if we wish to visit you, it’s only right that we comply.

Just what do I mean by rules?

Please see that you’re not wearing what our standards and beliefs might offend,
Via any pictures or any writing that certain messages send.
For neither our faith nor our standards should receive such a knock from you
Whenever you come to visit us by request, or out of the blue.

And if you've been invited for dinner?

When you’re told that dinner is ready, we will ask you to wash your hands,
Lest it be that some very nasty germ on our table or food lands.
Besides, washing our hands before we eat, displays wisdom, thought and care,
And such is needed far more so, when with other folk, a meal we share.

Please don’t go checking your cell phone when you're sitting at the table too,
For checking germy cell phones is another thing that one shouldn't do.
Nor should you blow your nose there, but if you do, straightaway you must go
To wherever there is soap and water, and thereby, thoughtfulness show.

And please keep your mouth tightly closed when you've placed any food within it,
Thereby refraining from conversing lest a rather sore point you hit.
For eating with your mouth open, or talking while you are chewing food,
Will undoubtedly upset us, as such is certainly very rude.

Please don’t swear in our presence either, nor indulge in some crudity,
And please treat with due thought and care our possessions and our property.
Leave any dirty old shoes outside, and wipe your clean shoes on the mat,
And please mind what you're saying in general, when with us you freely chat.

How we act when we're in someone’s home, and how we treat visitors too,
Will most definitely convey a great deal about you-know-who.
As well as, will you be invited back, will folk revisit your home? —
Which is why we should always tread with care, and remember: “When In Rome…”

Oh, by the way —

If by some chance you have a cold, friend, or you have come down with the flu,
Please don't call on us until such is past, or your visit we may rue.
Wait until you are over it, because it would be very unfair
To visit us when you're poorly, and a bug or virus with us share.

Those things that many of us grew up with, that help us act correctly,
Are things that every generation should continue, and cheerfully.
Oh yes, good manners should never die, and nor should acting thoughtfully,
For when all is said and done, they're one and the same thing, obviously.

By Lance Landall