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A Time And Place

Imperfect world, imperfect means, hence the necessary smack,
One administered wisely, for such, helps children stay on track.
Many folk smacked as children, and who have children of their own,
Realize that there’s a time and place, and rightful smacking condone.

Because smacking has been abused, there are those who want it banned,
But I believe that such action, more naughtiness will see fanned.
For sometimes a smack is needed, and much better understood;
A necessary evil, so to speak, for the greater good.

There will always be abusers, regardless of any law,
But sometimes a foolish law just brings more trouble than before.
Many folk have discovered that where smacking has been removed,
Things have quickly gone down hill, and predictably not improved.

But smacking is a parents right where it doesn't cross the line;
A quick smack on the bottom -- where and when needed -- being fine.
However, a beating or whipping, a thump, clout or a whack,
Are clearly unacceptable, for such is hardly a smack.

Some people who’ve been abused, understandably “Don’t smack!” shout,
And therefore, both the baby and the bathwater just throw out.
Due to their sad experience, they’ve lost their objectivity,
And have joined the ranks of those who say that smacking shouldn’t be.

Those who truly love their child will always seek to do what’s best,
Hence why the disciplined child is a child that's truly blessed.
Love’s discerning eye can see that sometimes painful things are needed,
To achieve a turnaround where wisdom has not been heeded.

A smack that is given in love, can prevent much future pain,
But a needed smack that's withheld, can see naughtiness soon reign.
Smacking is love in action, for it shows the child that we care,
And where smacking is done early, it’s not long before it’s rare.

Yes, smacking I wouldn’t shun. Like everything, it’s how it’s done.

By Lance Landall

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