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Let's Stop This Evil Cycle

How dare we wrongfully kill, displaying such gross inhumanity,
And how dare we say that it was God who gave us that authority.
There have been enough crusades, there have been enough so-called righteous wars,
So let us put a stop to this wrong activity on others’ shores.

Where it's not such killing elsewhere, it's some civil war that's taking lives,
Which even more mindless violence, hatred and ignorance just drives.
But turning on our fellow citizens is the ultimate disgrace,
Though anywhere and anytime, wrongful killing should never take place.

So please don’t give me any excuses, for I’ve heard them all before;
No, never let excuses and agendas ever be the cause of war.
Therefore, defending one’s own country, or an ally under attack
Is clearly the only time to lend a helping hand, or to fight back.

Tell me, has a war thus been declared on that country that you live in?
Has some nation conveyed that they're on their way to attack, and to win?
Or has an ally called for help that is currently under attack?
And if your answer's clearly "No," then please don’t go down that warring track.

Yes, woe betide that selfish villain who wickedly fires the first shot,
That despot or dictator with war in mind, who cunningly seeks to plot.
Woe betide any villain who foolishly initiates a war,
Where innocent men and women suffer and die on a stranger’s shore.

Yes, there is so much mindless killing, all because of wars that shouldn't be,
Be they religious or political, that are waged so pointlessly.
It seems that humanity never learns, and it seems that we never will,
Until everyone gets the message that we should never ever kill.

So let’s stop this evil cycle where another's blood is spilt so wrongly,
Be it via unnecessary wars, or folk just acting murderously.
If there’s no blood on your hands, and only love beating within your heart,
You have chosen the best pathway, one from which all should never depart.

By Lance Landall

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