Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


When Will It Stop?

Oh, what a terrible tragedy, and what a truly monstrous crime,
Given that another illegal foray has happened in our time.
Therefore, such goes down in history as another dreadful blunder,
And all the cries of the dead and wounded reverberate and thunder.

But think of all the billions that were spent so unnecessarily
And that were needed back at home to ease all the growing poverty.
Such money could have paid for more operations and education,
And it could have brought relief to those affected by devastation.

It seems that now there is always something that has us shaking our head,
Like these illegal wars that we see, and that leave many hurt and dead.
Such wars oft do not need to happen — yet, sooner or later they do,
And hence all that pain and conflict that so many innocents go through.

Yes, down throughout this old Earth’s history, wars have raged from land to land,
That within the halls of power, some men have recklessly sought and planned.
And once again, we are seeing that very same recklessness played out,
Despite all those cries around the world that “Stop this warring!” loudly shout.

Tell me, how many times have soldiers just become puppets in the hands
Of those who hold the reins of power, and who draw up those foolish plans?
How many soldiers have been slaughtered in a battle that's not their own,
A battle that wisdom, truth and justice would never seek to condone?

And say, what about Joe Citizen who simply wants to spend his life
At home with his precious family and that woman who is his wife?
Why must he suffer also, at the hands of those who are in power
Who are making plans that disrupt lives, from within their gilded tower?

Thus, all those leaders who've blood on their hands, (blood that should never be there),
Have an awful lot to answer for, for they've just filled this world with fear.
Yes, it’s high that time those in power cast aside all their battle plans,
For violence begets violence, and simply deeper hatred fans.

By Lance Landall