Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


About Smiling

There’s a certain point of view that I’ve heard some Christians share,
One that I believe is wrong, and also very unfair.
One asserting that a smile should always grace a Christian’s face,
Which ignores realities concerning the human race.

You see, anyone can smile, and smile, many of us do,
Despite living wrongfully, or saying things that aren’t true.
Hence smiles don’t prove a thing, and often, a smile can hide
Deceitfulness and cunning, or corruption deep inside.

It’s nice if there’s a smile on every Christian’s face,
But smiles will not always a Christian’s countenance grace.
Nor that of a non-Christian, for there’re times when troubles come,
That can fill a life with pain, leaving one distraught or glum.

No matter how committed any Christian may well be,
Sadness or depression can be their reality.
For many life’s a battle, and their smiles may be few,
But their love for Christ and others can be very deep and true.

So, let’s not burden others, by stating a smile should be
Continually on each face for earth’s inhabitants to see.
It’s what’s inside that matters, and none of us should forget,
We’re all at different stages, and who has perfect folk met.

“Don’t judge books by their cover”, applies to Christians also,
For smiles do not always a true experience show.
The superficial Christian may have a smile on their face
Even though deep within them, true change hasn’t taken place.

Humans look on the outer, whereas, God peers deep inside,
For it’s there, that truth is found, not in smiles that wrong may hide.
However, I’ll admit that it’s best if smiles are seen,
But those not always smiling, Christ would not have us demean.

By Lance Landall