Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Always Make Time

“I’ll remember you in prayer,” they say, and that’s the last you hear,
Or they simply just forget, which suggests how much they care.
Some may offer there and then to say a short prayer for you,
But that’s as far as it goes -- they’re busy, such will have to do.

Yes, too often such is the case, in fact, it’s quite commonplace,
It’s sad, it’s lamentable, a sort of slap in the face.
Prayer’s a serious business, and so too, is someone’s plea,
Therefore, not one prayer or cry should be treated casually.

Often more time’s required when folk are in need of prayer,
For they may have a burden that they’re needing help to bear.
And they may well desire -- in fact, actually need
Someone who’ll seek God, and for them, earnestly and often plead.

Many people don’t receive the response that they should get
When they’ve a need of others, and with troubles are beset.
Often just a passing prayer, a quick word, a smile, a pat,
Is all that some are given when they need far more than that.

Thus, some are left still hurting, or still struggling with their plight,
And sometimes even more so, and feeling rather uptight.
You see, hurt can lead to anger, and anger lead to ill,
Yet, even though folk know this, they still fuel that carousel.

It greatly matters to God how we treat another’s plea,
And it’s clear that He’s displeased by insensitivity.
He knows why we’re too busy to respond the way we should,
Regarding someone’s earthly or eternal good.

Are you too busy, friend? If so, can you rightly such defend?

Our Saviour’s never too busy to intercede for us,
So, we too, should seek the Father, and others’ needs discuss.
Yes, we too, should always make time for those who seek us out,
And respond as is needed right there and then, and throughout.

By Lance Landall