Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


An Appeal

To Muslim terrorists and your supporters: It’s not the West that’s your enemy,
But rather, those sad convictions you hold, for such killing’s wicked and cowardly.
And more so, those acts of suicide bombers, who hide behind pretense and surprise,
Much to the delight of their sympathizers, who, such dubious martyrs idolize.

Those sins you charge the West of aren’t grounds for killing innocent men, women, and children,
For there’re never grounds for doing such; it’s murder, and such shows an illness within,
Or the results of having embraced a terribly distorted ideology;
It’s origin having nothing whatsoever to do with God, nor the heavenly.

Such killers think they’ll be rewarded with Heaven, but they’re mistaken, badly so,
For what kind of god would reward such murderers who others’ rights overthrow.
Anyone with a lick of sense knows that killing solves nothing, but rather inflames,
And that such killing — that nation, race, or religion responsible — simply shames.

Such killing is the domain of monsters, those who’re enemies of humanity,
Be such folk Muslims or otherwise, (acting openly or acting secretly).
Such aren’t worthy of freedom, for via their acts they threaten or destroy liberty,
And all because they’re blinded by hatred, ignorance, askew ideology.

I don’t have a problem with Muslims expressing their beliefs, their feelings or views
In the sense that we’re all entitled to express such, and to take the path we choose.
But murder, violence, and any form of persecution, no one should condone,
For such is satanic territory, more the actions of those who’ve hearts of stone.

Whether the West, (and tell me, who’s the West?), has acted incorrectly or not,
Is no excuse for suicide bombings, and as far as the West goes, don’t blame the lot.
The West is made up of individuals — and most, (just like me), Muslims don’t hate,
Nor seek to harm, or to do that which a rift, war, or problem would cause, escalate.

And we’re aware that not all Muslims condone what fellow Muslims are doing, and,
Realize that striking back isn’t the answer, but dialogue, and are making a stand.
But meantime, the hands of the West are being forced, so please will you halt your attacks,
For you will never improve your lot, (nor ours), by such atrocious inhuman acts.

By Lance Landall

Hypocritical Protestors

We may not approve of same-sex sexual acts, abortion, porno, prostitution and so on,
But when it comes to those who are indulging in such, it’s not for us to such people set upon.
By that I mean, we shouldn’t abuse them in any way, thus treating them rudely or unkindly,
For such will speak very poorly of us, and thereby place us on the wrong side of humanity.

In other words, we all have two choices — either to behave lovingly and compassionately,
Or to join hands with the evil powers of darkness, via acting coldheartedly and savagely,
For at the end of the day, it’s one thing to disapprove of certain things, and to freely say so,
But quite another thing to disagree with others distastefully, and to act despicably.

When we take the moral high ground, there is a greater onus on us to behave exemplary,
Otherwise, we are simply hypocrites, down crying what we believe is wrong whilst acting wrongly.
And there goes credibility, not to mention dignity, for such a response is badly flawed,
Inevitably leaving us looking worse — thus, is it any wonder we’re rubbished or ignored.

Those who are truly loving and genuine, do not go about things in such an injurious way,
But rather, express their thoughts and feelings in an acceptable way, minding what they do and say.
Yes, there’re some things that we should condemn, but far too often it’s the person rather than the wrong we bag,
And thereby — right through all the muck and mire — not just others, but ourselves as well, we shamefully drag.

By Lance Landall

Errant Protestors

When one is watching the news on the TV, it’s not uncommon to see civil unrest in some foreign country,
And by that I mean, a riot of some sort, due to that country's government introducing some disliked policy.
That is, something that was legislated, and possibly most unfair, or wrong, and yet, was still foolishly pursued,
And which caused an immediate reaction, or perhaps a later one, over which many citizens had stewed.

And hence that wanton destruction that occurred, the upturned cars, the smashed windows, and the buildings that were set on fire,
Yes — all that rioting — to which no lawful, loving, just, sensible and self-respecting protestor would aspire.
For not only is such protesting, (rioting), a form of anarchy, it is also akin to insanity,
Given that such simply fouls our own nest, and destroys or harms many things that are required within society.

It's somewhat the same when those who're seeking freedom effectively set about destroying their own country,
That is, by doing or causing what sees livelihoods ruined, and certain infrastructure too, somewhat suicidally.
For it’s one thing to grab at freedom, but quite another to ruin ones own country, or to set it back injuriously,
As the sad results can affect its inhabitants just as badly as if they were living under tyranny.

Now, I’m not condoning any horrid dictator, nor any oppression, or some injurious legislation,
For each and all of these things are most deserving of our active attention, and of our strongest condemnation.
But to foul our own nest, or to ruin our own country, via attempts at freedom, or via some misguided civil unrest,
Is to act just as crazy as whatever enemy, to invest in future woes — and such can wound us in the chest.

By Lance Landall