Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

I really love my music which I regularly listen to,
But there’s one thing I won’t do — that is, I’ll not force it on to you.
It may be the type that you like, but I will keep the volume low,
As that kind of thoughtfulness is what I think everyone should show.

Yes, I may like your music too, but not if it is forced on me,
For I'd find that intrusive — it gatecrashes my space, you see.
If you like your music loud, then you can loudly let it play,
But please don’t go letting that loudness from your home to my home stray.

That very deep low-frequency bass that one now commonly hears,
Can be extremely injurious to your own or another’s ears.
When near such, and when frequently exposed to such deep thumping sound,
Damage to one’s precious hearing will inevitably be found.

Yes, even a short exposure to this bass that really annoys,
Can do permanent damage, unless earmuffs one wisely employs.
So many people still don't realize just how harmful such can be,
Even when it’s not all that loud, for it’s the type of frequency.

Just ponder on the young children in those cars that you often see,
That are equipped with mega speakers that such bass thump frequently,
For how such tender ears must suffer, and certainly they'll be harmed,
Because of those behind the wheel, who appallingly, aren’t alarmed.

When I was considerably younger, such deep bass was not around,
And therefore, people were not bothered by such detrimental sound.
But when people play their music now, very often all you hear
Is simply just this throbbing bass that is damaging to the ear.

Sadly, music’s far less balanced now — just more focused on such beat,
And more so forced on others, via homes and cars, and thus down the street.
All of which is simply reflecting how much wisdom has been lost,
And a chronic lack of thought for others, which a high price will cost.

By Lance Landall