Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Don't Be Fooled

So you’ve seen a UFO, or maybe a ghost or two,
Or a friend who’s passed away reappear in front of you.
Perhaps you’ve had a message from a loved one who has died,
Who supposedly is watching from the so-called ‘other side.'

Well, I believe you’ve been hoodwinked by a devilish crew,
Whose very clear intention is to fool and mislead you.
Yes, evil spirit beings, outside of the human sphere,
Who, supernaturally, make things happen or appear.

Such beings are full of tricks, and unless you’re wide awake,
They will take you for a fool, and a fool of you they’ll make.
They’ll quickly have you figured, and will tailor make a trap,
Which, round any carelessness, very cleverly will wrap.

Yes, up the garden path they’ll lead, anyone who’s half asleep,
Or any who have a penchant for following the sheep.
If you give them half a chance, you’ll be down within a blink,
And looking at each other, they’ll give the thumbs up, and wink.

These dab hands at illusion know exactly what to do
When it comes to trickery that’s difficult to see through.
They have plied their craft for years, and successfully ensnared
The foolish and the careless, the uninformed and unprepared.

Their master’s clearly primed them as to all that can be done,
And provided weaponry that’s seen many battles won.
Thus, fooling and injuring, they consider heaps of fun,
And the icing on their cake is, prey dozing in the sun.

Yes, don’t be fooled by tactics that these spirit beings use,
Be they UFOs or ghosts, or whatever means they choose.
They’re just a bunch of liars -- yes, just cruel and heartless frauds,
Who I believe are binding many with their evil cords.

By Lance Landall